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  1. We wont unlock achivements durring the beta ? Also my download jumped from 80% to 100% in seconds
  2. In the email it asks players to be on at what will be 2am in the UK this is something I can't do. Please look at having times listed a few times a week for those outside of America look at something good for Europe and other regions.
  3. In the next 59 minutes come on email dont fail me now
  4. I'm sure it said PST or something that is 8 hours - GMT check in two hours time
  5. Just check in on your email in two hours, kill some time by killing some Microsoft points in the sale. I just got both Resident Evil games Capcom didn't release into shops, also maybe play some other Behemoth games while waiting.
  6. No the time to wait is identical, its 11am here so it will be in 7 hours from now
  7. Codes will be going out in 8 - 9 hours if the blog is correct
  8. When will the last of the emails be going out to confirm if you are in the closed beta?
  9. Hi, I'm new here I hope I'm not to late to join in on the closed beta. I've got Alien Hominid on the Xbox, Xbox 360 and the Gameboy Advance and Castle Crashers, didn't know this forum was even in existance, so I'm very happy to be on board now Hope I can still get in on the beta action this Wednesday.