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  1. Question if anyone knows. Does the pit people game preview give access to a windows 10 store version? And if not, would it give access later? Thanks
  2. Sigh, I really want this dlc, but I'm totally broke. £2 on my card. Why dont MS allow us to just add 140MS points... Still I guess I can be happy with the pink knight! Flooding the screen with pink hearts and rainbows and teddies and penguins! Yay! Does anyone know all the additions made with the Pink knight and the blacksmith dlc? Thanks EDIT: My younger brother actually gave me money to buy it! Woop! Blacksmith is awesome, his magic is pretty cool!
  3. Just to help out, I have posted a request before, but I have another friend who's interested in the game... If 2 requests arent allowed IGNORE THIS Well, my other friend isnt exactly mad about this game, but I reckon he would like this game and he might play with me more often.
  4. One of my friends has recently become bored because we're playing castle crashers and he cant, so it would be nice if he could join us too.
  5. That would be mean, considerings there hasnt been any hints as to what to do and it seems many people are busy today, so that wouldnt seem either for that reason. I know it wouldn't as I wouldn't be able to earn it either then. I was just saying! Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I didnt mean it was a bad idea, I just thought it was a bad idea to let people get it for only 1 day...
  6. Not exactly scared, I can stay here as long as I want. I'm off school for another 2 weeks, so I dont have anything important really. I'm just F5ing constantly for updates.
  7. That would be mean, considerings there hasnt been any hints as to what to do and it seems many people are busy today, so that wouldnt seem either for that reason.
  8. ...Two-Emotion Guy? So, I guess hes the bad guy/good guy at the same time? I'll look at the video someone posted in a minute. One thing I dont get is why they called the game #3... Is it just a codename? and if it is, why dont they just call it what the real name would be? Was castle crashers called game#2 for a while? Watch video time!
  9. I think the guy who made this thread, just was absoultely certain he was right, but since realising he was wrong, he decided to call us idiots to cover his pain... If he just admitted he was wrong, I dont think we would have called him an idiot, just a simple mistake. I think he should be banned or suspended or something, I mean... He didnt post a single post with correct grammar and they were all insults in some way.
  10. ...Wow! This is confusing. Hes a cyclops, 1 eye, no teeth. The guy who said the painter killed the 4th princess sounds interesting... Any pics perhaps?...
  11. Yeah, that happens when its past the timer. Funny wording it crazy clock dancing
  12. I reckon it is for older than at least 14, maybe 13, but I just dont think the game should be played by anyone younger than that.
  13. That wouldnt be a bad thing for me. Why how old are you?
  14. I hope by school kids you mean like at least 14yr olds + I just hate the thought of young kids playing games I play, it just makes me feel like a young kid or gives me the impression they're just copying me to be as awesome as me. Most of my friends like castle crashers and are like 15/16yrs old. One of my friends actually wants to get castle crashers, now that hes seen it in action! LOL I'm 14 Hah Ha-Ha, you're allowed to play it then according to my rule book of awesomeness!