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  1. Being unable to make my own creation this year, my little sister carved this pumpkin and asked me to post the pictures for her. I'll be sure to give her any prizes as well.
  2. I will be surprised if anything takes Castle Crashers' spot. I'm super excited for BBT, don't get me wrong, but I just don't see it beating a game that held the #1 spot for years. If it does, it will prove the only developer that can beat The Behemoth is itself!
  3. I haven't been on the forums in what feels like forever. I missed you all! I saw the update through Twitter, and just reading that there was new content brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thanks you so much, The Behemoth, the update is great and the Pink Knight is everything I thought it would be and more!
  4. The new story mode stuff is looking really fun, but this ranking system at the end of each level worries me. Just how good do you have to be to get an A?
  5. Congrats, Imperfect. The battle wasn't the most exciting, but must have been pretty tense. Amazing how a good juggle can change the tide of arena war.
  6. And today is officially the best day ever. Cannot wait (but I'm on xbox, so I'll have to)
  7. Oh man, the contest starts today! I'm so out of practice! (runs away in shame)
  8. Maybe if we paid for our own shipping. They did that thing where you send in a pre-stamped envelope for a pin last year, so why not send a bigger envelope for a chicken? Unlikely, but we can hope!
  9. Time to start practicing, but I doubt I'd win. Wait, did I read that right? 1 person gets 250 squishy chickens?!?!
  10. Banned for using the wrong you're and for bringing up adoption.
  11. It is, the console doesn't really matter they asked the guy from cave story to add quote on the 360 version, they wanted to add him but the guy denied the permission. So it's not like they go for console exclusives just because of the games of those consoles In that case, I would like to see these as the Wii exclusives Mr. Hatty from BattleBlock Theater Splosion Man from 'Splosion Man Mii from The Nintendo Wii Milo from Ilomilo Stephen (That's what I call him) From LIMBO What do you guys think? None of those games are on Wii (except the miis, of course), so it wouldn't be too likely. It would be extremely epic, though.
  12. I don't have any money to waste right now, and I would feel bad if I just got the games for $0. Too bad they don't have some trade system, I have a Steam code I need to get rid of!
  13. I caught a mistake... made by SushiGummy.
  14. Wait, doesn't this belong in "Other Games"? I haven't played any game in the bundle, and I really want to try Braid. I really should pick it up at that price!
  15. My reaction: I was confused, I didn't see the point, but I loved it!
  16. Dr. Fetus is playable? That better be on the XBLA version as well. After finding the Brownie cheat, a Dr. Fetus one better surface soon!
  17. The original is completely worth playing. It's probably the second best arcade game I own. When I went online today, looking for the Back to the Future game trailer, I saw the Ms. Splosion Man announcement and almost screamed. SO EXCITED! SPLODE!
  18. It's on the Newgrounds store and I bought it. AAAAAAAAAAAH I LOVE IT. I checked once I saw your post, and they're already sold out!
  19. YES! MONDAY! I already preordered, so I'm rather excited. There better be some great lines; the ones in the trailer were only decent.
  20. Congrats, everyone! Very good entries this year; my favorite was that BBT pumpkin.
  21. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo bufallo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo It's hard to make sense out of, but cool that it's an acceptable sentence.
  22. Waiting for the 2010 Halloween Constest Results: the ultimate test of patients. No PMs here.