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  1. To one of the greatest companies to grace my life. A huge inspiration to be an animator and game designer since Alien Hominid. Merry Christmas, you guys. Here is my procrastination and all of my love. <3 - Abdul El-Haj Ibrahim PS, I'm still looking for a job.
  2. HELLOOOOOOO fellow chickens. Remember me? Professor Choak/Yabba Dabba Dul! Wanted to let you all know that I am still alive and kicking. Actually 75% done with college and on my way to becoming an Animator! WOO! I'll try and be on here a little more, but for those that care to, I have a facebook page and a youtube. facebook.com/3buddy youtube.com/3bdootube ps: This place has changed quite a bit..
  3. "Oh baby you, you got what I neeeeed." The freeway goes...
  4. Scavenge for supplies and survivors. John carefully trotted through the upper level of the mall, noticing the eerie quietness only made his imagination moan with sounds of the dead. To his right was a hunting/ gift shop. Surely he could find binoculars to aid him in finding the route to safety. But now the sounds of groaning zombies became seemingly real as the lights withing the shop flickered. A) It's just your imagination, John, go inside and get the tools you need. You might even find some more handy weapons. John, you made it thus far by playing it safe. Going into that crowded dark mess is asking for trouble. Regroup with Tim for a campsite.
  5. The mythology is meager and the gameplay is unsatisfying.. Played it for 3 years.
  6. If I could "thumbs up" this post, I would. It was the perfect game for Gamecube. It had everything, EVEN NOSTALGIA from OoT
  7. Gamechap and Bertie here!
  8. Its just an idea at this point, but I think im taking 3D animation soon and with that will come my ability to start on this idea, maybe make a horribly rendered beta version to see if it sinks or floats. If it goes on, I'll definitely invest in a webpage to support it.
  9. Also, while watching an episode of Star Wars, clone wars. (meep) I think there should be a Deploy & Storm vs. Stronghold. One team has to successfully get to LZ either by aircraft or chute, repel fire, and get into the enemy's stronghold. People who are storming are greatly disadvantaged. YEAHHHH. Dodge that mortar fire, run that hombre through and laser-knife your way to the flagpole. NO RESPAWNS. NO MERCY!
  10. Hey guys, long time no talky. I've been busy being awesome lately, but I've returned to share a little awesome I've been thinking of... Ever want to play a game where you have the opportunity to be GLORIOUS? Well here it is (Hypothetically) RAGE-QUIT: Wars are won by men, and men don't Rage Quit. I want to make a very simple yet stylized FPS shooter that incorporates all of humanities fail war tactics into little mini-game "Fronts" These fronts include "Trench Warfare" in which each side takes turns bum-rushing the opponents, all in an attempt to not get gunned down and retrieve a flag/ destroy the opposition. or "Dog Fight" where you are a pilot in a fleet on fleet space battle. Get ready because you are playing the most intense game of Chicken with your enemy. Shoot em up while trying to keep your ship from being destroyed/ crashing in to your comrades You die relatively quickly, and are reassigned at the Spawn point. Your team will lost holistically when you rage-quit, or quit early in a round. No one ever wins. There are/ will be more fronts as I think of them as well as armored suits, tanks, robots, etc. What do you think? Would you play this free online game?
  11. THOSE DAMN ENDERMUCHACHOS. I saw one so far away he was in fog/shade. I was on a mountain he was in a cave. He minds his own business, then looks at me while shaking. If that wasn't enough, he suddenly disappears with crazy speed to the left. I get nervous and look around and THERE HE IS OH GFFFFFGGGGFFF
  12. I would like to build a mining crew. If anyone can show me how to open my map up to the server, you're all more than welcome to hop around/ grief
  13. Keep drawing till your pen itself tells you in plain English to give up