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    Default Weapon?

    Hey all, First off, loving the game preview! Been collecting a lot of goodies. My question, is there a "default" weapon? All of the items have a numbers underneath them, indicating how many of that item you have. Certain items ("Bald" head, "Small Shield", etc.) do not have a number underneath them. These items can't be sold or traded, I call them default items. I've started a few saves and all have the same layout once I unlock the House: Heads Bald Horatiostache Pipstrella Style Yosef's Other Weapons Box Cutter the King's Scepter the Usual Shields Small Shield Farm Fence My gf started a new save (same Xbox, different profile) and had the same layout. "Bald" and "Small Shield" are the only two defaults. Yet I've talked to people (online) that have a "Pirates Papier" sword as a default weapon. Is this a thing? Should I have "Pirates Papier" in my inventory? If so, will this be fixed in the next update/full game? Thank you for reading. Love all your games
  2. I was able to go onto and download CCR for free without a Gold account I don't know it this was a mistake or not, but either way, I'm happy with my free CCR
  3. I'm not going to be able to beat Hattington Broz, anyone willing to trade?
  4. *fixed* Thanks and thanks anyways
  5. EDIT: Thank you to Backup sidekick for giving me the Troll head. This request is completed, mods plz lock this thread. Can anybody help me out and trade me the Troll prisoner head? I understand it's still available but my girlfriend (my "star head hunter" co-op partner) and I are SWAMPED with schoolwork and have no time to try and beat Hattington Broz. I'm willing to trade one of the following: -Peeps -The Dad -Paul -Jonny Four -Hooshmand the Wise -Duck Shark -25% Off -50% Off -Fatkid -Snail -Hatzilla -Giraffey -Steamroll Victim #1 -Steamroll Victim #2 -Stubby -Mr. Bobbins -Sausage -Furbottom -Behemoth Chicken -Winston -Donuts -Manbirth -Wheels -Castle Crashers Knight -Alien Hominid Please send me a PM or a message on Live (GT: Nonaims). Thanks in advance.
  6. Co-op should work. From the DevBlog: "This week, we have TWO prisoners for you! Our first is BOOM!. You know that this prisoner is fiery and exciting. When others see you playing with this character, they’ll know to watch out for you. You have to finish the complete the entire SOLO playlist in Furbottom’s Features in order to get this prisoner, but once you do, you’ll know that YOU DA BOMB!" Looks likes you have to beat it solo.
  7. Giraffey was my favorite Animal Orb in CC! YEA!!!
  8. Just beat solo, pretty fun. Really liking the Buckle Your Pants head!
  9. I really liked the solo playlist (haven't played co-op yet); it might have been on the easier side compared to some of the other Features, but it looked awesome (each stage was unique in its own). However, the Finales were way too easy. Anyways, great job NightFirek900, those were some great looking and fun stages.
  10. Jeez, there are so many great ones, so I'll limit it by head type: Round: Skull Pyramid: Scarf Cube: Bandanna Cylinder: Cat on Head (or Jake... from Adventure Time. At least that's what I call him)
  11. Wouldn't a true friend do it for free? True... True. But I offered, he followed through, and what kind of friend would I be if I went back on my word?
  12. Heh, I went on vacation the the other week for 9 days. I paid a friend to watch my dog, water my plants, and offered extra if he signed into my Live account to get the 25% Off Prisoner What a good friend.
  13. Yeah, both these heads are great, but Blocketeer is one of my new favorite heads (I loved that movie when I was a kid).