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  1. If you really want to know more about this game I recommend keeping up-to-date with the Bungie.net news updates. They post screenshots, answer questions and you definitely get to know a lot mroe about the game. Also, try checking out the Halo: Reach forum on Bungie.net as well. (Warning: Devout Halo fans only!)
  3. That would be great. I have a feeling this is going to be implemented, hence the simplistic design of the levels. Obviously it's only made out of cubes, but from the trailers so far it looks like there's a lot of different types, which could be used to make some pretty cool maps.
  4. Damn it, I was just about to post that!
  5. I would love to have this game, but it's only for Wii. And I sold my Wii to get a 360. If only it came out on Arcade I would buy it.
  6. xBlazeUK

    Halo: Reach

    Wow, that's a huge improvement! I gonna skip school just so I get play the beta!
  7. xBlazeUK

    Halo: Reach

    Are any of you guys (and girls) going to get the multiplayer beta? I sure am, it's gonna be awesome. I am guessing the beta is going to come out late-spring 2010. I'm really interested to see the new weapons (if any), graphics and maps. As for now I'm just gonna be playing Halo 3 until then, trying to get into my prime ready for the release.
  8. I disagree. I am now actually glad that MW2 came out, not because I like it, but because it means all the screamy little kids have gone to play it so your left with respectful veteran members of the community, which makes it a lot more enjoyable.
  9. xBlazeUK


    Good for you. Shame this post didn't have any valuable content whatsoever.
  10. Why max out one when you can easily get to level 78 in a day and max out all four?
  11. Meh. That story was ok. Good for maybe an eleven-year old. I didn't read it all. I got bored by the second post. There no real depth. It all happened to fast. I feel encouraged to write a story of my own. Good luck with your story-writing career.
  12. Hi, I think these are really cool... Can I have your permission to show them to a different forum? It's for a flash MMORPG, and I will give links to the behemoth and newgrounds and everything related. The forum is HERE. The game is HERE. As the game is pretty new, the forum is pretty new as well. It only has 4 threads! Thanks anyway, xBlazeUK P.S. It's in closed alpha, so you can't play it. P.P.S. I sent you a PM.