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  1. Here's mine with my main character.(Yes, I realize he's a recolor with a floaty head.)
  2. Lol. I could see the White, Brown, and Gold Whales being used for trophies in something.
  3. *cough* I still vote Bob, or Omnomnomnivore.
  4. Banned for being a fusion of Frost King and Blue knight!
  5. What? What are you talking about?
  6. 1-5, like Roflcopter. 1) Wizard(Easiest final boss ever!) 2) Frost King(Funny dieing sequence =D.) 3) Cyclops(See Frost King) 4) Barbarian Boss(Just plain awesome.) 5) Rich Industrialist(You can knock him off his castle after the fight with the machine boss.)
  7. So that's why my animal orbs and weapons didn't load! One of my brothers was playing all day, and started it up. I guess he ignored it, and started playing. I joined him later(he still hadn't turned it off.) and my weapons and such were gone.
  8. Name: Luke H. Twilighthorn age: 19 Class/race: Brute sex: Male Personality: Helpful at times, destructive at others. Looks/equipment: Normal colored Brute armor, but with a knight's helmet with a lifted visor. He has an Ice Sword, with a Bitey Bat, and the Horn, Shovel, and Bow. Bio: Luke came from a far away kingdom after being banished for "murdering" a peasant who disobeyed the king. He now lives in(Village name, here) as a guard.
  9. Stumpy

    Lego Castle Crashers!

    Penguin name: Iceberg New character to make: Skeleton
  10. Granted. A meteor crushes your PSP afterwards. I wish for an uncorruptable wish.
  11. I just want him for sake of completion. He also looks kinda cool, so I might use him for Strength and Defense.(Tank)
  12. You can have a cardinal head. There are many colors to chose from. A green gem is somehow involved.
  13. Awesome! Thanks, I'll do that when I buy Gold membership! Thanks for your help guys =D
  14. Nah, Jeffery reminds me to much of a little 9 year old boy who thinks he's "gangsta." Bob, or Furrath(FURry wRATH) Or Furiath, 'cuz it sounds like Fury, Ath