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  1. Insane mode is quite disappointing I mean Necromancer is the only challenge and you can hardly call it a challenge, because in case of this battle, luck is the major factor Another hard level is Marsh, but I completed it with Green Knight, while Skeletons are resistant to poison. Desert is also hard until you realize that you can't rush. Troll boss and Groom caused trouble, but also require only patience Besides, look at boss damage. Ice King's falling icy stalagtites do damage of 7 or around that. Only few bosses were improved (well, every boss had increased health, but that was it). They upgraded mostly regular enemies Very disappointing. I don't really mind that there are no rewards. Even before dumb achievements were introduced, I usually tried to get EVERYTHING in a game that I really liked. However, in the name of people who play for points, I must criticise you for not doing an achievement related to Insane mode. This could replace the catapult achievement which was way too easy (typing this reminded me of that game Lips, where entering any menu unlocked achievements)
  2. I can answer to only one of your questions: Notice that she is closer to battlefield than green, blue and orange ones. Thieves steal 3 princesses for their own profit (they sell them to Industrialist, Cyclops and Ice King. However, we know only why Cyclops bought one, nothing about Ice King's and Industrialist's reasons.) but they could not take red one away without being noticed
  3. I can't believe there is no response after few days, while new posts appear every second
  4. I searched forums for "Ballad" and surprisingly, didn't find any info on this Anyway, I found this funny song about Castle Crashers, Tom and Dan:
  5. Ya, I love his face. It's like he's saying "OMG I'M HIT"
  6. I think it would be cooler if he fights you solo at the beginning, then he flies up and sends first wave when his HP is at 2/3. Then back to solo fight until it's at 1/3, which makes him send second wave It's damn hard. I always think I'm doing very well during 2nd wave, but then I realize I don't have any potions and 5-6 enemies are still alive. It's really annoying how they zigzag around the screen, stopping from time to time to hit you
  7. Just wait until you get to Necromancer
  8. You made me think about something cool: Necromancer's magic should revive fallen enemies with very low HP (before their bodies disappear) instead of standard magic. Too bad he's released already
  9. Funny fact about XXXYY - you don't have to have level 50 to do massive damage. Just level up your magic and XXXYY your enemies. You won't do the drill attack before level 50, but damage will still come from magic
  10. So what? You never meet 4 knights during the story mode either. It's quite possible that this will happen, seeing as Pink Knight is popular, but I don't think it'll be free. It'll be incredibly cheap, but it will still get some moniez for TB That's my theory
  11. We're lucky enough that they don't use any magic on that level
  12. I disagree. Some of them didn't even get their attack power upgraded. Some of them have uber power, but they have mainly speed and health boosts. When fighting Frost King on Intense, I didn't even have to worry about dying, because his attack power was still very weak. The only troublesome bosses are Big Troll (but it doesn't run around until it has 1/3 health so it's not that hard), Groom (but he just requires patience) and Necromancer (but he.... Oh wait, there's noting easy about him) Anyway, that Barbarian Boss thing was always there. In normal mode, you can easily run around vertically to avoid getting hit. Now he always stands near you so you're in his range. You could think it's a glitch, because he doesn't really animate when moving that way and it kinda looks like game lag
  13. Actually, we can't know gender of any characters (except for peasant, civilian and princesses) I think Pink Knight is male. In CC The Beard the smile looks weird and that "FABULOUS" thing... Also, there is a game called Da Pink Knight, made partially by MindChamber. One review asked about Da Pink Knight's gender and author's response was "tranny". Nothing official, but MindChamber said it so I think it's a "he"
  14. I want sequels only if they run out of ideas or/and money to make a new game. I mean, making a sequel takes less time than making actual game and making CC 2 after 5 years would still be cool.
  15. Castle Crashers - Pirate Ship level After first ship is gone, a white block head comes out of the water. I dunno if this is random Behemoth humour, reference to something or reference to Game #3, which has some block-shaped heads. The head in CC looks kinda like robot. Maybe it's something from Game #3 that was not included in any trailers so far or prototype of Game #3 character Discuss Sorry if it's dupli-cat
  16. I played completely solo and I got one gold skull with Red Knight, Green Knight is stuck with Necromancer and Barbarian failed Wedding Crash twice (Groom... ), which discouraged me for a while. I don't really play much
  17. You do realise they would have to pay everyone for there characters Well, some of popular Newgrounds characters were made by Tom and Dan (Dad N' Me, Pico, P-Bot [doesn't have any animation but everyone knows him ] etc.) but even if they have to pay, the game itself would get them a lot more cash.
  18. Could this be a reference to Game #3? I forgot to put in animals from Painter Boss. Not only painted ones, but also worm and eagle on the screens Interesting fact (most of you know it, but some of you don't): Painter's minions were drawn by Tom Fulp himself. He usually did rough sketches of bosses and enemies, then Dan made them look good. This inspired them to make Painter with raw pictures (that was stated in one of posts on Dev Blog)
  19. Duh, Tricky The Clown is not an animal (or is he?) You forgot few animals from CC [i put level name in square brackets]: -Catfish [Catfish] -Frog [Rapid Ride] -Scorpion [Desert/Desert Chase] -Bettle [Desert] -Worm [Desert] -Bat [Pipistrello's Cave] -Owl [Thieves Forest] -Dragon [Lava World] (not existing in our world, but still an animal) -Walking fish [Flooded Temple/Medusa's Lair] -Snake [Medusa's Lair (during Medusa fight)] -White Bear [Catfish/Tall Grass Field or character select screen, if you unlocked it]
  20. I'd love to see level editor. I always like customizable stuff Game #3 reminds me of a fan game, Super Mario War. Gameplay looks very similar. Who knows, maybe they were inspired by it. If they were, I hope to see some SMW modes there. Especially Tag (your life decreases when you're tagged and you have to touch or kill someone to tag him) and Frenzy (weapons appear everywhere)
  21. Everyone would like to see sequel of AH or CC, but TB probably has a lot of ideas and making sequels would be pointless. Besides, sometimes players are disappointed by sequels. It's really easy to ruin a game by making a sequel. But I agree, they should make games about more NG mascots. That's where AH started. I think they should make some all-star game with NG mascots. Kinda like Newgrounds Rumble, but just better, longer, funnier etc. Super Smash Bros. Grounds They have a lot of characters to choose from (if this ever happens, please include Hank from madness [wearing his black suit of course ] and Fancy Pants )
  22. Gral

    Best Music

    K, this time I searched for "Favourite music" thread and I honestly didn't find one. Sorry if this is a duplicate 1. Simple Sight (Necromancer) 2. Winterbliss (Snow World) 3. Space Pirates (Thieves Forest)
  23. behemoth loves me Funny fact: I considered buying that DLC today. Luckily, I didn't Now I can get it for free
  24. I think some X360 owners don't deserver to get any new characters and they should be PS3 exclusive. On Newgrounds forums, I've seen a thread where a guy was just nicely asking if CC will be released on other platforms and responds were like "GTFO NOOB GET X360!!!!!!!!!111111111111" I would really make exclusive characters to piss off those guys, but TB isn't that evil. Still, I hope to see exclusives. I don't have PS3, but I like exclusives in every game and I want to see peoples' rage about this
  25. I found funny glitch today and decided to share it Fight Corn on Intense. Stand near 2 peasants. Corn will hit them and they rush into battle. Just run around and wait for the boss to kill them, then defeat it. You will see dust from running animation moving towards the building. Then, peasant will come out of it, give a horn to you, then die again I allowed corn to kill them just to see what will happen. I found it pretty funny