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  1. My apologies. I posted that out of anger, after someone told me on Steam to "F*CK OFF, CRY SOME MOOR". Bad day, coupled with that quote, and then Babbity. But, I have another problem; Does everyone remember the LiveStream Movie Chatroom? You know...the one where you all (Dexide, Abyssmal Cookie, Complicated, Draken, Zugama, Babbity, Mechazeep, Rizyq) were acting like 11 year olds? I thought this was a place of good nice people. I was wrong. I watched in horror as our "Loyal Members" started acting like standard forum trolls. There's only a few of us that are "Loyal". I am not one of those people, as I no longer like this place...Seeing the truth...
  2. Sure. Seems like you just know you're bested and don't want to admit it. Hmm...You didn't slightly detect a hint of "CASUAL TROLL RAWR"? Or, as an example: The way everyone was acting in the LiveStream Movie chat room.. Also, why would you bait Babbity, because you like his posts so much? Indeed. I like seeing his replies, very laughable at best... And on that note, I leave this place. Good Night
  3. You guys do realize I was baiting Babbity, right? I didn't mean anything I said...
  4. Babbity, Sigh. You are worthless...I could quote every one of your posts, and shred it to pieces. But I don' have time to do that, nor do I have time to read your Rage rebuttal.
  5. Awww...But no one will be there but me Everyone's in the stream now, I say we move i from 8 PST to 6 PST...
  6. Awww...I won't be able to make it :/. The Forum (And alot of the membys) seem to be free (FREEDOM!) Around this time...I'm never on my PC (iPhone won't work on Livestream) after 7:00/30 PM
  7. Hehe, milk man Fire Demon. I like it. I love it. Epic, Good Job Milk Man!
  8. WHAT HAPPENED???? He's had problems with his legs for a while now, I even remember posting about it at around 4:00am one morning in this very topic...I didn't go to bed until around 12:00pm that day making sure he was okayBut, he got over it and he's been taking painkillers for the past few months with no problem at all...all of a sudden he just could stand, and his balance was completely off We finally just got him to lie down and he's on his way to sleep I hope he's a little better in the morning so we can take him to the vets I wish the best of luck, and hope everything's okay
  9. thanks! Sure thing Sorry if my post was a bit harsh(ish) I had just gotten out of bed
  10. ClayKid

    Team Fortress 2

    I got 2 drops yesterday, first drops in 3 days. Weapon Drops: I want them to drop quite a bit. Hats: Hard to craft, hard to get a hat drop.
  11. ClayKid

    Team Fortress 2

    Spread the jealousy I HAVE HATS! And you also have 4 buff banners. CRAFT EM ALREADY. Why? I barely play TF2 nowadays, I'm waiting for them to increase the drop rate...
  12. He's French(?) so don't blame him...
  13. Indeed it is. Alien Hominid is going to be featured in Super Meat Boy, for the Wii.
  14. ClayKid

    Team Fortress 2

    Spread the jealousy I HAVE HATS!