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  1. I'm (sorta) back from the dead to say I am trucking my friend to his first gold skull (we're offline on his box). Ahhh, nostalgia. I have to say, once you learn to juggle, you never forget.
  2. Guys, I'm done with Xbox Live, but I signed on here to post my Animal Orb Tier List that is ranked based on how useful an orb is to survival and success on insane mode. Actually useful: Hawkster- just kill enemies one at a time and you will be safe Piggy- not useful for anything other than the Necromancer Fight because they all drop fruit Rammy- not only is he boss, but he can hit enemies that he just runs into (without ramming, that is). Just kidding, he's useless on insane mode. He's still number 4 becoz he's cool. Yeti- only good for the fight with the Ice Wizard Burly Bear/Snoot- go ahead, but who really wants this over Hawkster? I guess I understand if you want to abuse strength on the first 2 levels, but whatever. Might as well use Giraffey if you aren't maxed out anyways. Giraffey- duh-huh. Insane mode enemies take a bunch of hits to kill. Keep your strength down and just juggle with Giraffey until you start dieing a lot. Sherbert- Corn boss just to make it take fewer than 5 minutes Garbage: Monkeyface-uh, what? This thing is complete crap. Cardinal- no thank you Bi-Polar Bear- So it only saves you the damage equivalent of 10 points, which is non even a hit with anything. It just saves the player or the enemy a second to finish off the other. It's never worth it against scorpions or aliens, etc, but I guess it lots cool when you're bored. Dragonhead- So it hits one enemy from time to time. [sarcasm]Totally worth it.[/sarcasm] Bitey Bat- Rarely does anything. Ga-ga-ga-garbage Frogglet- Don't even get me started. Snailburt- Yeah, I don't like to be able to move around at a decent speed when I juggle. Chicken- Since when is distributing skill points ever a good idea? Scratchpaw- meh Pazzo- [sarcasm]After days of CC gameplay, I still need help finding X's.[/sarcasm] Troll- biggest let-down ever? Pelter- I just wish we actually did an all-Pelter insane mode run Insta-Ball- failure Mr. Buddy- I got the Quaff achievement, pressing B a few times is nothing Owlet- cardinal does the exact same thing and more. Absolutely pointless if you have both (or for another matter, they're both useless) Zebra- because I always die on the first 5 levels, so I need more fruit in the grass
  3. It's hard to say max damage because each enemy takes different damage.
  4. If they had this in CC's prime, it would definitely have extended CC's time on MLG's competitive circuit/Gamebattles. In all likeliness, team arena on the 360 won't happen, but I would love this on the 360 as well.
  5. Try his air-RTY magic. It shoots a typical projectile and costs the same as blue knight's air-RTY, which shoots the freezing crystals in succession.
  6. This is a very good point. I don't think it would be too hard to fix. Just as long as Iceskimo isn't the sub-par character he is on XBLA.
  7. That's not hacking. It's called juggling, anyone can do it. And level doesn't matter because all characters are given the same stats (only pets and swords affect stats). Oh. is that where u keep uppercutting and pressing Y? XYY mostly. It's an infinite combo. See my signature for more stuff on juggling.
  8. Yeah, the stats were all reset (levels, attribute points, exp, etc.) but weapons, characters, and leaderboards remain infected.
  9. He had reset his stats is what I mean. All of his characters were level 1 except the one he was using. Yeah, I just don't trust just anyone at the level select screen. Barbarian boss....
  10. It is exactly like a regular sword, except when it is dropped. When it is dropped, it changes appearance into all of the other swords until it disappears. I wouldn't trust it, of course. I would never play with someone with glitched stats no matter what.
  11. That's what I did for like 10 minutes in both the videos . Anyways, I tried some the Necro. fight a few times with Green Knight (so I could use RTB while slow-falling and maximizing damage) and the Necromancer (because the skeletons almost always hit something). Certainly slow-falling makes dodging incredibly easy, except of course when it comes down getting grabbed by a beefy. I will record the next successful run.
  12. That's definitely not what I was saying . I mean it could be used when trying to maintain combos or to avoid attacks in fights such as the Necromancer fight. Yeah, I just got back into Xbox and I am considering putting this to a rigorous test. I might go for an ironic victory against the Necromancer with the Necromancer. I'm glad you caught the B-magic thing. I didn't feel like adding transitions and stuff. Maybe aerial bombs are the new air strike, lol. I mentioned the idea of prolonging juggles because of the success I got from my unusually long juggle with the red knight on this video from 2:00 to 2:30. Maybe slow-falling could be used to take advantage of stuff like this. - . By the way, part 2 is now uploaded on the OP. It has some clips of the Necromancer slow-falling and pogo-jumping in addition to other knights.
  13. Yes. An arena player showed it to me the other day. I think it could have some application in the necromancer fight and other difficult points in the story mode.