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  1. After beating the campaign, I unlock a trophy that I can wear around my character's back. Could it be possible for character to have outfits. I think that could make the customization a little more fun, don't you think
  2. I have the chicken, i can help spread it ^-^
  3. same here star being default so where is the other 60? did you try doing the furbottoms on both difficulties and doing it on arena to see if we get any more? Only played arena once, so idk anything there I've mostly been focusing on trying to get A++ and on campaign,
  4. I have 4, ( star head , castle crashers knight, alien hominid, and chicken head)
  5. Not a bad idea. Gets new weapons for beginners and gets you more prisoners seems like a fair deal to me. Yup my prisoners are costing me 15 gems each, sooner or later about to be 20, I'm doing insane mode right now but it's pretty hard
  6. I have all props and have 60+ yarn, I'm just gunna trade my yarn for gems for people who want them can message me ^-^
  7. It would be cool if the top ten on the leader boards could unlock an exclusive head for showing our awesomeness, maybe like a hatty head would be pretty cool, and the another head for the top 100. Don't you guys agree?