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  1. The Last of Us! I've died over 30 times though. Not good at stealth haha.
  2. The first Kingdom Hearts I was all like ;______________________________________;
  3. ): that sucks. i sprained an ankle and twisted the other during my cross country season, so i know how it goes. hope you feel better!
  4. to be honest, i haven't been a behemoth fan that long - only about as long as i've been a castle crashers fan (over a year). but i've been a fan of newgrounds for a while, if that counts! don't think it really does though... still, behemoth is amazing and should rock on (;
  6. so i must admit, i am starting this thread on selfish sort of grounds i've been looking to get into some new video games lately but have no idea really where to go to next! but anyway! this may also lead to discussion (i hope... possibly... maybe... riiiiiight? (: ) and we can all see the awesome-ness that is PS2 games! so yeah! your top 10 playstation 2 games? [playstation games that work on PS2 count as well!]
  7. i start to put the koolaid packet contents into the water when all of a su- KABOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! i drop a CD of rick astley.
  8. kingdom hearts II. i understand if you dislike final fantasy and kingdom hearts games, but for the fans of it... i SIMPLY do not understand why people like this game so much! i absolutely hate it! half the time, all you do is press the stupid little green triangle button and BAM you beat the boss! or mickey comes and revives you. battle sucks. the storyline sucks when it comes to the worlds [the little mermaid one made me want to quit]. the dialogue was cheesy and lame. the only decent thing about it was the main plot and some of the characters were really well designed. otherwise... it is a complete disgrace to the first one. i hate this game... in case you can't tell by what i just posted or why i just posted in this topic.
  9. super smash bros. [definitely wayyy better than the newer versions of it.] mario kart. [what can i say? a classic.] mario party. [getting blisters on the rotating the controller games xD] pokemon snap. [so addicting!]
  10. that's awesome! i wanted to make my birthday cake into the red castle crashers knight, but i was too lazy. plus, my friends bought me my cake. that's freaking awesome though. nice job =D
  11. post funny easter eggs here that don't deserve their own thread! give them some lovin' still i saw a funny glitches thread and a locked easter eggs thread. but feel free to delete if this isn't needed. my funny easter egg: with the bears in the grassy field level, if you have the green knight and you poison the main bear with the ram right before he turns into a tornado, his tornado turns into a green-ish color. okay, you? oh look, an easter egg: HBW93-BWBCG-WWYHK-64B93-YG7CW KT724-78XVK-HGTFF-7XQ3B-FM2TM WYY3T-P87R7-39B3T-MK23V-V2W6Q JYY2F-X76KB-X266B-KDCFP-CRYXG GMXYX-MJP87-9FKP2-3B634-XD4KJ
  12. i didn't know that for the longest time either! not until i joined this forum and one of the pictures showed them with the shield before that, i just shot him with arrows or magic to make him not shoot. but when i was playing alone with my magic low, i would just get owned all the time xD