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  1. I already made a topic about this, but I figured I might as well ask this question in here as well. Will this game ever get a Steam Workshop? Being someone who has done alot of fanart for this game(#1 most viewed and replied thread on Fan-Art thread section), I think it would be awesome to have a Workshop for this game where our ideas could actually become reality for the game.

  2. So an update. Im going to be getting out of the military here within 2 months due to medical reasons. The medical issues is one of the reasons why i havent been so frequent on here, as well as how demanding my job in the military is (Intel). The guud news out of all of this is that I will have ALOT more free time to work on requests, free-hand drawings, the comic strip, original art, and various other things(like making dubstep, cuz yes i love dubstep and it's mainstream now so i figured what the hell). In other words, look forward to many updates to this thread. As always, thanks to everyone for the support and keeping this the most viewed thread on the Fan Art section of the Behemoth Forums.

  3. so many requests!!! ok, so my computer is currently out of commision. im looking into buying a windows 7 installation disc and completely restarting my entire computer from scratch. in the meantime, ill have to do the requests thru paint.net, which is a way bigger pain in the balloon compared to using photoshop. currently working on panda bear and veteran knight. hopefully i can finish them

  4. man i still cant believe how active this thread is, or that it's stayed on the front page since i made it, or that i STILL have request for it. FEAR NOT PEOPLE WHO HAVE REQUESTED THINGS!!! i shall be working on them 2morrow and most of the weekend. that goes for the person who sent me a pm as well. other guy with the pm for tips? ill talk to u later 8-). in other words, veteran knight, white knight, and doctor shall be done by next moday