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  1. i joined the airforce last november. and help with writing the story would....help. i want the four knights to split up during the story, them havin individual adventures, meeting up every so often
  2. another update for the web-comic. cant wait to start goin over these in photoshop. soon hopefully http://jugg4n4ut.deviantart.com/art/Cas ... -209587698
  3. man the airforce keeps me waaay too busy. anywho, here's an update of sorts for the web-comic http://jugg4n4ut.deviantart.com/art/Cas ... -209460779
  4. im back with a new drawing(god its been ages). its deadpool!!! http://jugg4n4ut.deviantart.com/art/Deadpool-208323514
  5. Wat did u have in mind?
  6. Sweet. We can converse on skype or yahoo messanger. My skype is jugg4n4ut, and my yahoo is gamerkman
  7. After being in the airforce for a couple months bow, ive finally gotten some free time now every day. As such, im looking to start a castle crashers comic series(web comic of course). Im looking for someone who would like to help me in the creative process (e.i. Creating the story and characters and such). Anyone interested?
  8. hot damn, my thread is still viewed? if i werent so busy with the air force, id come back and make more. maybe ill make some time
  9. keepin this mofo alive, random showup, anyone want somethin done?
  10. i havent thought of doin the ninja turtles yet. but i do have PLENTY OF ZOMBIES DONE!!!
  11. In order to generate some more traffic(not that I need more *cough12000viewscough*), introduce myself to anyone new here, and give something more back to all my current fans, I will be doing a live recoloring/editing for a select member. How will that member be chosen? Simple, just tell me what you want done specifically, and why I should choose you. I will choose a winner(but in the end, you're all winner, cuz you get to see me do my artwork live, and hear my voice for the first time!!!!!) and from there set a date and time for everyone to get on USTREAM, and go to my channel to see this magical experience. Everyone get your ideas forming. Jugg4n4ut out.
  12. lmao. luv it. im excited to see more from you
  13. im surprised i hadnt made this guy earlier. he was bound to come anyways, and now seems like a good enough time
  14. Sry lol. I just rly wanted to show you the pic I made
  15. awww look at the the cute, devious-looking bunny.
  16. your thread inspired me to make a Bunny. BEHOLD!!!
  17. the original post is the first post in the thread
  18. Whoever updated the bear profile on the site, thx. I've been wanting that Image so I could continue my fanart
  19. I dont know how it was possible, and I never thought it would happen, but my thread here in the FanArt sections now has the most VIEWS and REPLIES. I find this to be an incredible feat, esp since the thread is still active, and would once again like to thank all my fans, as well as anyone who was interested in my art.
  20. for cracks, it helps to add the shading underneath them, like my broken bronze knight btw, this is how i imagined the forgotten knight i didnt give him any cracks however. its a very guud idea tho