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  1. i feel so honored to be mentioned in someone elses post for my recolor skills. i dont like or want to brag, but i think its safe to say tht im the best recolorer here. if u ever need any tips, ask me. i too also use a mouse for my recolors
  2. I dont even like DeviantArt, but it helps to get your art viewed alot better than Photobucket. Other than that, u can manually upload them with the upload attachment when you post replies
  3. here is my debut recolor, after my long disappearance. i will admit its not my best, but i like it quite alot. behold, INVADER ZIM!!!
  4. i noticed that the bear doesnt have an image in his bio, like everyone else. can anyone fix tht?
  5. all i can say is wow....10000 views. thanks to everyone that has ever gone onto my thread and checked out my art. it's been an honor to have so many people check out my art, and to be around so many other talented artist. ill definately be sure to continue pumping out great art as soon as i can
  6. No comments on the art I entered?
  7. i might as well enter this. i shall only enter one pic: the red knight
  8. after being gone so long, i come back to find that i almost have 10000 views??? man you guys rly like my art thanks for all the views, and indirect supprt. ill be making a triumphant return here soon
  9. check out my newest drawing set, The Chibi PokeDudes http://jugg4n4ut.deviantart.com/gallery ... -PokeDudes
  10. im thinkin i should be more active in more than just the art section.
  11. awww im not in there either o well lol
  12. i like this alot, and i would love to somehow help out with the podcast. i happen to have and run my own podcast for a videogame website i work for (TheGamerStudio.com) and think that a podcast is perfect for the site
  13. I couldn't find a topic on this, and quite frankly, I'm surprised I didn't. I think that having a chatroom would be great for the site, whether it be Chatango, or Xat, or any of the other chat servers. Anyone else like this idea?
  14. got another one, this time it's the beekeeper, which is one of my favorites
  15. i got a deviantart now, so ill be uploading everything from there now here's 2 dragon drawings i did http://jugg4n4ut.deviantart.com/art/Dra ... -155448223 http://jugg4n4ut.deviantart.com/art/Dra ... -155446678