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  1. how do you get featured in a spotlight? does it have to do with amount of posts, or views if your thread? becuz i have the second most viewed thread in the fan-art section, which i believe to be quite a feat, and pretty soon here, it'll be the first most if it keeps up the way it's goin
  2. Wow! Those are actually really good! [in my opinion at least] [removed images, because I have dial-up, it'd take forever to load them all, heh.] thx
  4. ill run for bbt as well, ive been there alot as well
  5. here's me my friend dustin and my friend matt
  6. ill run for fan art and creationism p.s. love ur sig babbity, bobobo is hilarious
  7. nice. i like them. am i allowed to post my own in here? i have me, and 2 of my friends done castle crashers style as well
  8. im on a library comp, so i cant edit the size of them to use as an avatar, could u do tht for me?
  9. here's another drawing i did recently, as in tonite lol
  10. here's two of my new drawings i did tonite
  11. glad u like it. i decided to leave it like tht until i can do like art, as that gives it the look of camoflague from the waist down
  12. o snap thx dood. but im askin babbity for just black and white, no color.
  13. here are 2 more drawings i did today, an iguana and the cheshire cat
  14. Yeah, just PM me your email so I can give you the PSD with it. (Because JPEG doesn't save in layers.) awesome. thanks, and cant wait to see it
  15. babbity, i have a request for u. could you do some line art on this picture i drew. my normal laptop with photoshop is broken, so i have no way of doin it
  16. i alrdy said that until i get my old laptop fixed, i cant do the character portrait. i did, however, sketch up this iguana in it's place until then. it's not finished yet, but will be soon
  17. im bored, so im taking up requests for drawings. anything anybody wants done?
  18. Jello is... Jello is made of Jello is made out of Jello is made from bones and hide Jello is good for you Jello is made out of what Jello is gross Jello is jiggly Jello is it good for you Jello is not vegetarian
  19. You get a fat sweaty guy. I insert 5 , 2 , 15 , and half of a .
  20. you're banned for telling me what to do. whateva, whateva, i do what i want!!!
  21. damn tht is awesome. and damn, you took my idea of makin a triceratop castle crasher