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  1. ill be your teammate gummy. i need one anyways XP
  2. he speaks the truth. my drawings have improved greatly over the years as well. it's all about practice and commitment
  3. my username is the same as my gamertag: Jugg4n4ut. the name started after i saw the juggernaut video on youtube. eventually i used it becuz im such an avid gamer, that i see myself as a formidable force to be reckoned with, which is what a juggernaught is. as for the spelling, im a bit of a nerd and fan of leetspeek, so i went from juggernaught to Jugganaut, then replaced all the a's with 4's, making it Jugg4n4ut. it's my username on almost all forums i go to, tho alot of people think it's pronounced "jug-4-nut" or "jug-4-n-4-ut", when it's "jug-a-not". so thats my aweshume username/gamertag story
  4. you heard what he said, trust him
  5. iknew it. well it looks like im gonna have to get my tablet fixed then. ive been messin around in flash, and my drawings have gotten much better, so i may post some of them in this thread soon
  6. very nice, you never disappoint. quick question, and i may have asked this b4, but do you use a tablet when u draw, or is this by mouse?
  7. hey, how about instead of everyone putting each other down, we make a forum-collaborated game? i can help with art, as well as some of the programming. but we do need a solid idea tho b4 we start. we also need to decide how detailed the animation will be
  8. i feel so left out since mine is AALLLLLLLLLLLLL the way in november,but o well Date:11 Month:November Background Color of Square:Green Background Color for Date:Black or Grey
  9. i think it's worth saying that i have the second most viewed topic in this forum, trailing behind jouste's original topic he made. and both topics are still very active, tho mine is a bit more active than his
  10. this looks real interesting, ill get started on some designs, save me 3 slots
  11. i'm temporarily back with good and bad news BAD NEWS: I slipped on some black ice while heading to my class and landed on my laptop that I was carrying; long story short, it's broken, and I've lost everything I've done on it. GOOD NEWS: The laptop I broke was my second one, one that I had won in a contest, and I do have a spare, however my dad is using it at the time, so I won't ave one to use for a couple more weeks. PS:I like the drawing you did Tyndras of you killing me, but you made one fatal error....I'm black...lol
  12. ooo an ignuana. an interesting challenge. ill take it
  13. Jugg4n4ut


    i gotta say, ive never met a colorblind artist. guud job on that tho
  14. behold teh broken bronze knight, and he isnt too pleased with his beatup armor
  15. almost done with the bronze knight, starting on kitty knight
  16. any requests guys? otherwise, ill just disappear for another month
  17. i found your request way back then, and is this what ur lookin for? its good but it looks like the crystals don't belong or that there hanging in front of his head. They don't look like they are coming out of his head I noticed tht as well, and I'm currently trying to fix tht
  18. i found your request way back then, and is this what ur lookin for?
  19. glad you like him looking back at my old stuff, im pleased to announce that i've gotten better and better, as well as more original(meaning i start adding more original additions to the remakes, rather than just recoloring them)
  20. look who i found deep within my computer and finished!! THE BEHOLDER KNIGHT!!!