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  1. TL;DR: Too Long Didn't Read I mean, if it 's an online tournament then it's fair game, but that doesn't make as much sense as a tourney-tournament. NOT TOO MENTION, that isn't all too different than a ranking-based head... so it still just doesn't seem that likely. But the main point being, it just wouldn't be fair. All the people who have stuck with it to get all the prisoners would be left with a gaping empty hole in their hearts and star heads collection. Which, if you ask me, is cheating the players.
  2. An exclusive prisoner just isn't going to happen. As stated, there would be too much complaint and pleas of unfairness for EVERYONE else if there was even an 100 only unlocks. There would be way too much crying from all their other fans because they would feel CHEATED. Not to mention completionist would lose their minds over not owning every prisoner after all this time, dedication, and effort. WHICH, brings me to the main reason I wanted to have a say in this topic: I still just don't know what the Behemoth where thinking with releasing them this method. Even whenever it became obvious they were going to release the star heads through Features it bugged me, but then it became even worse when we learned that the releases would be much more slower paced than a guaranteed prisoner a week through only consistently seeing one every OTHER week. I mean, honestly it hasn't kept me interested replayability-wise... It's kinda become just more of a chore. I check every Monday or Tuesday after 2 weeks (because I forgot about the new Feature update over the weekend), make sure one is announced, get on, hurry through the levels (getting bare minimum experience out of them), unlock the head, & put the game down until I remember there is a new prisoner. So with 60 some-odd heads to unlock, even figuratively being released weekly, it just seemed too overdrawn, stretched-out, and a hassle. And yes, I get that they can have and will release a few extra here and there for holidays -or even randomly- but it doesn't change the fact that it is pointless waiting. It was much more exciting when the community scoured every inch of the game to find secrets that would unlock the star prisoners (which is nice, I really think any hardcore gamer would appreciate the retrostyle unlocks hunts) in hopes to find some crazy secret, compared to... this. :/ TL;DR I LOVE this company. The Behemoth do so many things way more than right, but how they have handled the star heads has seemed more of a hassle and much less involved. IMO, guys. IMO.
  3. Any chance we could get some promo codes? I'd really love to go and chances are I would be able to, but you know... finances. Specifically, I know how easy it is to throw money at people at conventions.
  4. In response to 8Bitten, I made a difficult playlist that I tested several times before publishing to make sure it is extremely fair, and I am pretty proud of it. You should check it out. It's a solo adventure called 30sec left.
  5. Hey man. I've just been busy. And honestly, BBT in general isn't that high of a priority at this point. I'll get on my Xbox and add you now, though. Let's set a time. Tonight at 10:30 or something?? It isn't that we don't want to beta test, we are just more occupied (I am, at least). Still a great idea that I'd love to participate in.
  6. Looking for people to draw with.
  7. This is a grand idea. I use to just host a random online match of my own levels... But that never really worked quite as well as I would've liked. I'm in. Any chance we could do it right now!?
  8. Since now that I have a laptop to work with, I will play through ANY & ALL promoted playlist with it's own topic and give my detailed opinions of each map...much like I originally intended. So if you are looking for some honest feedback and a constructive, in-depth review, go out and create those threads for your very own, very special playlist!!
  9. Yeah, these forums are surprisingly tame. Which is better for everyone, so hopefully they stay this simply enjoyable.
  10. Sounds like my first playlist. Neat! Will try for sure and edit post later.
  11. We Like Sportz by Atmosbreak BREAKDOWN Internotes: Lonely Island reference?? Besides that, maybe KingOfRock should've been titled FeedMeTheRock. Not sure about that, because I do like KingOfRock as a title as well. 01. MuckleYourPants: Pretty overly-plain muckle map that, while fairly enjoyable, offers nothing to crazy fun, unique, or inventive. Great title, though. 02. LookAtThatHorse: One of the most fun horse maps I've played hands down. Simple enough and very fitting to the gametype, all while making the hazards really just work. 03. FeedMeTheRock: Yeesh. This is a map that sounds great on paper (aka, the idea is solid), but something about it's execution makes it... not very fun. I think it's probably the fact that to actually make the basket being down below is more annoying than anything without proper footing AND the laser. I do like the teleporter above the goal mechanism, though. 04. Slide: Much like your solo muckle map... just a plain and boring color map that I don't think even fits in well with the creativity of the other maps. This level really doesn't belong or deserve to be matched up with the rest of the levels. 05. JumpBall: Went into the level thinking it would be another plain ball game map, but was happily surprised when I found the invisible blocks below the nets really added a nice touch and would love to see this implemented further (keeps the ball up and obstacles out!). 06. SoulSteal: Decent map. maybe still much too simple. Not bad, but it wasn't really good. 07. KingOfRock: The most interesting of the single game type levels. Though I didn't have much room to pay attention to the rock mechanism, it made for a very tense match and an interesting way of either blocking the king blocks or killing enemies. One of the best maps IMO. 08. BattleBall: Not a fan. I think the muckle and basketball combination SHOULD probably work the best, but the map was too cluttered and just not very fun to me. 09. IceGarden: Another great match-up, king and color, but unlike the last map I also really like the level. The design choice of having every other block be colorable in the middle offset by clouds in a giant square right below a few king blocks works extremely well. 10. Joust: Not a big fan of the gametype, and this map doesn't sell me on it. I do think you handled the toast placement very well, though. 11. NoEscape: This tiny, compacted muckle map works very well with few environmental hazards that's placements make them appropriate and enjoyable, with what the majority (and front and center) of the standing room being king blocks makes this an intense and wonderful map. 12. HORSE: Like the fact that you can stand on the switch to score the goal yourself, but other than that this could have just been a basketball map and would probably prosper more from being so. 13. CityOfThieves: LOVE THIS MAP!!! Which is surprising, because all though I don't care too much for horse or souls, you perfectly combined the 2 in a very well-interpreted map. The actual layout is AMAZING. The starting point is great -which is something that normally isn't even given much attention, but I also think the implementation of the laser bridge is one of the most successful out of any time I've seen it used. 14. GrabTheBall: Unluckily for the opposing team the whale got stuck underneath and so I had a very easy time collecting an ungodly amount of coins to start off with, which made victory easily obtainable. Besides that, I had a problem with the turret at the bottom because it seemed pointless and an unnecessary obstruction more than anything. There is quite a bit good about this map, though. For instance, the ball spawning mechanism is great. Also the simple design of the level works very much in favor of the players. And my biggest comment to give on this one, is though I don't think combining gold and basketball works all too well (maybe it was just the execution), but the concept of being able to jump on someone's head while they hold the ball to stall them and have them lose the ball all at once seems heavily under-utilized. 15. CastleCrashers: ANOTHER FLAWLESS MAP!!! I had actually implemented the idea of scoring as many ways as possible in one map, but your execution of doing so was better tenfold. Overall it was all great, but simply put, I love the level design and in specific the staggered king blocks upon the castle. Outernotes: I actually had a hard time deciding if I wanted to five star this playlist or not based on how perfect CastleCrashers was alone. It was almost enough to give it that extra half-star, but ultimately I decided this was unfair seeing as a few of the maps just did not hold up to a perfect rating. RATING: * * * * 1/2 FAVORITED?: Yes LEVELS THAT SHINE: KingOfRock, CityOfThieves, & CastleCrashers WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS PLAYLIST?: Definitely. There is a lot of neat things worth checking out in this playlist for innovation alone, but then on the key influence of the 3 levels listed above, I believe this is even a feature-worthy playlist. Great job Atmosbreak.
  12. I would actually recommend NOT getting it. Specifically, having spent so much time with the old CS, and enjoying all the fun it brought with it... GO was just a major let down. I bought it for 20 on hype and namesake alone, and I was extremely disappointed. I agree that you should try it first for yourself, but my opinion is that it isn't all too great, and not worth more than $15 at most. I'm not even sure what it was, but it just didn't feel very fun. It didn't feel the same, and it just seems so outclassed by other shooters. I've been seeing a lot of great, unique, interesting 3rd person shooters, so you may actually want to look into those instead of 1st persons.
  13. As far as I know, no. Though I did play one that had similar art to Theatrerhytm (however it's spelled) that I am almost 100% sure was by them. But I actually didn't like it enough to keep (had just downloaded 5 or 6, but they are extremely time consuming and narrowed it down to 2; Blood Brothers & Fantasica).