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  1. Wow can't believe its been over a year since those pictures.. Well its about that time to update you guys for those who remember me haha. This is what ive been up to this year..unfortunately haven't been able to ship my clay so focusing on painting and drawing. ^my first ever commission! http://i.imgur.com/DvrE48Q.jpg ^original water color sketch ^cool story here; This was just a quick drawing i did that i wanted to test out my new ink and brush since i figured I'd probably mess up and i mostly did haha then when it came time to water color another i wanted to test out the water colors on this ship because i had already messed it so i figured why not and it actually ended up being one of my favorites! The white is stacked up acrylic. ^Recent one i did landscapes are definitely easier for me. ^ooh baby im happy with this one haha i think its currently my favorite...water color is just the best! I'm assuming these pictures are huge so ill put the rest as links http://i.imgur.com/4P3JFKH.jpg arch http://i.imgur.com/tlQcfF1.jpg port http://i.imgur.com/4Abor9g.jpg ^hellboy Got some awesome sketches done today that ill be inking and painting tomorrow so ill try to post all three if i can get them done. http://bambino404.deviantart.com/ my deviant will have more i still have a journal full of drawings to finish or take pictures of. Thanks for checking it out! Questions & critiques are welcome!
  2. Haha thanks guys..maybe ive been away too long but i have no idea what necro'd is also heres a picture of my beagle...i think it actually looks like him and not just like a beagle..
  3. I was working in Virginia this summer and didn't have much time to paint but while i was there i did paint this Not my best but having to stop painting for a few months i forgot a lot and i made a lot of mistakes. I recently bought some acrylics and gave them a try and here are my pieces so far. ^not technically finished My Regal beagle inspired by my dog bronx..still not entirely finished.. And my most recent WIP this ones on a big canvas but im hoping the final product looks something like my mock up lol thanks for looking!
  4. I don't know how many of you remember me or not but i still check in to the forums here and there. This is really where my artistry was born and where i really started learning..although i never really got very good at drawing i found other mediums in which i seemed to have a more natural talent at and it all really started here so I'd like to post an update for those who remember some of my first attempts and might just be interested in seeing my progression as i have been interested in everyone else's artistic talents improve. Here's a my most recent sculpture WIP and in my opinion my best so far. I also started painting and you can check them out here http://bambino404.deviantart.com/ I'll also update my painting thread Thanks for looking
  5. Thanks man i appreciate it, i cant wait to see what my tenth painting looks like! I can definitely see why he says that because there are times when your are just panicking and normally it ens up alright.
  6. I took your advice and changed my picture skyrim will have to do fro now.. The paintings didnt take too long around an hour or two im learning by Bob Ross.
  7. Even though i dont frequent the forum too much anymore i guess ill continue to post on my artistic endeavors to see if anyone is interested. 1st try second try
  8. this is a short video going around one of my sculptures.
  9. It turns out my computer is messed up somehow all of the sudden so having a server isnt working out sorry man
  11. ya i came back expecting the forums to be crazy again i guess...im disapointed
  12. here's mine i really like rainmeter and rocketdock together http://i888.photobucket.com/albums/ac83/drakenkorin404/misc/mywallpapers.jpg dual monitor (:
  13. As we wait for the bukkit update i want to get everybody to put in suggestions of what they would like in the server as for rules plugins game types.Im going to add a link to the bukkit plugins area and to youtube where you can simply just search bukkit plugins and see what you can find. Remember you guys have a say in what this server becomes so if you want the best server you can think of post some links and suggestions!!! (hopefully the update will be out soon) http://www.youtube.com http://plugins.bukkit.org/#ti=&ta=all&au=&subm=false&pno=0
  14. It would be nice to know it. lol well i dont want to just put it out there like that but if ppl pm me ill send them the info and stuff.....so far there is me and a couple friends and im adding new stuff often but id really like to grow it into a real community so if youy want to join pm me
  15. i have server if anyone wants to join hmu.
  16. what is that desktop icon thingy lol ive never seen one like that. mine i have dual monitor so ya http://s888.photobucket.com/albums/ac83/drakenkorin404/misc/?action=view&current=desktop.jpg
  17. haha thanks ya i moved across the country and had a lot of adjusting to do, heres some more updates, http://drakessculptureblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/update-and-my-work-space.html
  18. So in my absence i have been pursuing a new calling of mine and id like to have some feed back, thanks unfortunetly this forum has that pixel limit so i will put a link to my website. http://drakessculptureblog.blogspot.com/
  19. i might be late on this one but someone should make a behemoth server....if anyone wants to play hmu
  20. cmon guys feed back porfavor? http://drakessculptureblog.blogspot.com/
  21. Ya i fixed my stupid mistake i guess ive been away too long!