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    I like playing on my Xbox 360.
  1. Yeah, maybe it's for the best. It seems that everyone is busy or forgot.
  2. Weird, I haven't updated mine since like a year ago and the site keeps running. For some reason, I can't see your avatar.
  3. Wow am I the only person who can cook on the forums I think this is to be taken as a joke...
  4. Cupcakes! -cup of flour -something sweet (anything, as long as it isn't sour either) -a bit of salt -teaspoon of vanilla -add it all in the mix -stir up to four minutes And volia! Baking these treats is such a cinch!
  5. Ugh, I have Netflix but nothing to watch... Anyone recommend something?
  6. Oh crap! I forgot it was yesterday! See, I told you things like this might happen. I'm sorry, if I can make the next one, I'll try to.
  7. 9PM for EST eh? I hope I can make it. It's a bit late for me but I'll try.
  8. Five second rule, what do you guys think? I actually might eat something on a certain surface depending on how clean it is. As long as the surface is outside... That would be nasty.
  9. You know, the one with the jam that looks like blood. Uh, not that it is blood.
  10. The release date is December 21st 2012. That's the day we make the special bread! Oh well, that can be delayed for another day, right?
  11. I'm not really sure, but maybe by spring. Although, I think the prisoner videos slow down their progress a bit because they are making videos for it instead of continuing it. No offence.
  12. Oh yeah, happy new year to you guys. Man, I haven't been on here for a long time. What have I missed? Also, I'm still wondering when BattleBlock Theater is going to come out...
  13. Oh hey, you guys made a game night. Awesome. I think I might join in on it. I think you can sign me up for the Xbox 360 list. I do have Steam but my laptop's pretty crap so I don't think that will work. I do play a lot of Halo:Reach so that's an option to me. Then, there's Castle Crashers, some of the Call of Dutys, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2. I'm sure what you guys have so I think that's pretty much what I'll say for now. Also, I pretty much might join in some of them, if not most. I might miss one either due to me not having a game, forgeting that there was one going on, or some other reason. I hope to see you at the next game night.
  14. Oh, so we're sharing recipes now? Great, let's make milk and cookies! (Few hours later...) All done! Now for Santa... *looks at calender* Well, it looks like it's too late for that. *eats cookies nom, nom, nom*
  15. Congratulations, you have received a free iPad 2! *SOME PARTICIPATION REQUIRED No, no. Not like that. It was a contest from Microsoft.