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    To be honest I just copied my bio from facebook.

    Things that I will always love; (Not in any order)
    1. Harry Potter
    2. Pokemon
    3. MLP
    4. Steampunk
    5. Toe socks
    6. Music
    7. The Last airbender
    8. Clay-mation
    9. Video-games
    10. The hobbit, and LOTR
    11.50's advertisement styles
    12. FO3
    12. Scary Movies
    13. Cats
    14. The Land before Time
    15. Brave little toaster
    16. Rock a doodle doo
    17. Milo and Otis/Homeward bound
    18. Dark hair/pale face/red lips. (I love that combination)
    19. Fishing
    20. Family/friends
    21. Ice cream in the winter
    22. Frozen grapes
    23. Instrumentals
    24. Singing very loud in the shower, because I'm a diva. :P
    25. MITTENS
    26. Anime
    27. Plaid shirts
    28. Cartoons
    29. Old rotary phones
    30. Painted Landscapes
    31. Egypt
    32. Ghosts n stuff
    33. The first snow fall
    34. The desert sunset
    35. A Good book
    36. My doodles becoming a master piece
    37. Playing the keyboard/piano
    38. Roman/Greek/french/English/century Gothic architecture
    39. Wishing on a falling star
    40. The smell of rain/grass/wet asphalt/cookies/fresh parchment
    50. 1800d's/1900d's/ 20's/30's/50's/60's/ and Victorian fashion.
    60. SYFY
    61. Mythbusters
    62. Guns
    63. Paintball
    64. Rocks
    65. Berets
    66. STARWARS
  1. This website has the same build as DoG... O.o

  2. I also have a deep hatred for the bats. When you're on the dead body of a thief or a wooden wheel and those F*&$%*# eat your face off.... Oh God.
  3. A take out menu is a poor man's rosetta stone.

  4. Thieves. They drive me crazy. Easy to kill, but those arrows. Oh my, God.
  5. I personally love the green nights gas attack. It is amazing. :3 Plus the Splash damage with the X+X+X+Y Combo move.
  6. I wish the beta test was longer... 3

  7. I really hate cancer, why wont it just leave my friend alone..

  8. Night shift tomorrow. Can't wait. :P

  9. CC, and BBT part of my top 5 favorite games :D