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  1. what i did was use the dart gun to get the rock in a highest place i could where i could still grab it.
  2. same here, i got the achievement my first game too.
  3. btw zezarict, idk were fur 4 is, is its in chapter 4 then i can't get to it and confirm it. I will post it once i get there.
  4. Let me make sure where all of these are before i post them to make sure.
  5. I have yet to beat the game so i haven't gone through all the levels yet. there might be more, idk
  6. I've only found a few secret levels so far and i'd figured i'd just post them here. Btw, sorry if i'm not that descriptive. level 1-7 the first laser you come across jump down on spot below it. level 2-2 detonate to block to the right of the 2nd checkpoint and jump on the block underneath it. You jump gly upwards and be teleported to a small area and then just walk right. ( credit to Ashram ) level 3-9 after the 2nd checkpoint across the bridge when darts are being shot at you, jump on a dart stuck to the wall then to the little area above you to the right. level 4-7: In the very first part of the level after u block the laser with the rock on the bottom, go to the laser u block and jump up through the clouds above u and take a step to the right. ( its the spot right below u when u start the level) these are the only ones I've found so if you know more it'll be nice to share it co-op level 1-7: same spot as solo co-op level 2-4: At the third check point, to the left, pull out the block, jump up the blocks, when ur on the top one you will see a tree. get a friend to throw u up there. you will see a the blue thing ( don't know what tjey're called ).....stand on it and get your friend to cross to the other side. jump up or get off the blue thing and the friend on the other side will land on the ground and will be teleported to the secret level.