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  1. I would never pay $60 for this game on a disc. It is perfectly priced for what you get, about $17 for the game and the one extra DLC. They don't do many discs that start out at a lower price, and even if they did they would probably charge $25-$30 for it. But it cheapens the market to have new releases go for less than the $60 price of a game. The only thing really that starts out cheap are DLC compilations like the $20 Fallout 3 DLC of Operation Anchorage and The Pitt, which is the same price as buying them on DLC. But that is an expansion, not an entire game. They did one for Oblivion for $30 and Halo did a map pack for $20, among others that were big game add-ons. I like Castle Crashers and all but it isn't that "huge." It is actually pretty small map wise. Just compare the map to something like Super Mario 3 or Super Mario World. There were way more side scrolling stops on the map and like 8 or 9 worlds of several each. Stop and count the Castle Crasher actual levels taking out the arenas and the stores and it isn't that many. The extended playability of the game is in finding weapons, animal orbs, and building up the unlockable characters. But some people just play a game to beat it once and they are done. This can be beat in a few hours if you do one play through and that is all you do. That hardly is worth of a disc. Having that said, this would make a good inclusion on a "Best of Xbox Live Arcade" set of maybe five games. This would not be specific to Behemoth and NOT include the Alien Hominid game. That game just isn't worthy. You'd be hard pressed to find five or so really good "original" Live arcade games that are this worthy. I have tried dozens of trials and nothing really struck me as good like Castle Crashers. Most of the other games I own from live are old games like Golden Axe and Pacman or a remake of Lode Runner. Nothing original like this one. Eventually they will start getting some good original stuff like this and can make such a disc and sell it for $60 (like Orange Box). It just wouldn't make sense at all to put this game on a disc. Sorry.
  2. ok in arena green knight magic spam = win against noobs red knight shock attack is good vs noobs orange knight good vs people long range blue knight good vs freezing a little tip though if your frozen and want out quick press right or left on analog then opposite way on d pad and your free instantly for arena rammy can help you alot... learn how to air juggle basic one is x+a and x,x,x,x... when you learn that change x,x,x,x to x,y,y, or x,y,x etc... alien hominid has the best splash magic range and the game.. spalsh magic cant be blocked if you play anyone with over 100 wins your probably going to loose also 3 characters for easy exp with giaraffe, ... red knight, industrial, fencer red knight shock in groups = exp and saws vs bosses easy exp killing barbarian boss over and over is a cheap way for exp and gold on insane too Thanks for the advice. It stinks that you have to have Alien Hominid to get that character. I'd pay for just the character 80-160 points if I could. I don't want to shell out 400 for that horrible game. I tried the demo and thought it felt like a college kids programming project. I was expecting it to be cool since Castle Crashers is so cool but man or man, they have come a long way between those two games. Castle Crashers is excellent for the price. I've certainly gotten my monies worth out of it in just a few short weeks. Good stuff!
  3. skottey


    This is really ridiculous.... you are calling my logic flawed? haha... This is nutty if you ask me. I've spent the last week complaining on here about 256 cheaters. Most people on here are against the 256 cheaters. I am new to the game, thus the reason I have only been complaining for a week. As far as boosting glork, if you cannot see the difference between that and hacking the system with this 256 hack, god help you. Whether or not verbally discussing with a couple friends how to cooperate to get an achievement is a violation of the TOS doesn't really matter. You don't know what people are talking about. You cannot prove that four friends let each other each win 20 Glork matches. You CAN prove that somebody did the 256 hack. I played with my wife and let her kiss the princess all four times and she got an achievement. Are you going to call me a cheater for that too? If four friends play four games and each time let a single person get all kisses for the achievement, you are calling that cheating and a violation against the terms of service? That is trying to prove intent with no evidence. You cannot. Proving somebody did the 256 hack, that is easily proven. How dare you question my logic with such ridiculousness? You think I am violating terms of service for looking at a walkthrough too? What about reading a strategy guide licensed by MS? I highly doubt ANYBODY in here wants to see LIVE ruined. This game has been soiled by 256 cheaters but it isn't the end of LIVE and it is only ONE game. I will get the achievements I can get and probably never come back to it. They have upset me this week but I have a bookcase full of games I can play and enjoy in multiplayer. Lighten up please.
  4. I finally got my main character up to 78 yesterday doing Full Moon over and over and over..... and over.... and then did the painter painting guys over and over and over, exiting to left so I didn't have to bust up the purple crystals, and then going back in to repeat again and again. It actually didn't take that long (in terms of videogame play). Well, I am still getting my you know what kicked in arena. I notice lots of players scrolling through the gamut of characters with level 99. Now, I am not going to boomerang my way to get all or any of the characters up to 99. I mainly use the green knight, that is who I have the 78 with but I also have a few in the 30's and a few in the teens. Does it do any good to go beyond 78 since the skills max out? Why bother, right? When I go into arena I usually take chicken or hawk and tried troll. Troll is supposed to restore health but I don't think he is doing it fast enough. So that didn't go over well. I also use the alligator sword because of the gold critical hit symbol but I don't think it is giving me critical hits in arena. Who is the best animal orb to use when you have all skills maxed out? Best weapon? So, I have come to the conclusion that I must suck and that the character matters more than I thought. I thought they were all pretty equal and the differences between the knights was just mainly the look of their magic. Is a 78 Green Knight equal to the Red Knight? The Red Knight seems pretty cool, as does orange. Is it just eye candy or am I using the wrong knight (green)? Also, is it better to master the combos, use sword play, or hit them with magic? I noticed in the painter guy's place that I would send a magic cloud to kill his paintings and it may take as many as 4 clouds to kill one, where as an arrow would kill the paintings with one arrow. So what gives? Does it just depend on your opponent as far as what you kill it with? Oh well..... I have 9 wins in my quest for 40 in arena.... I have won a few more where the idiot I am playing with quits before they show the stats screen and I don't get credit for the win. Jerks! Edit---- 40, I just looked and it is 40 to get the achievement. Great... haha.. I thought it was 30 in arena... sheeeesh.
  5. Thanks..... I had been doing the troll thing in insane mode solo but found doing full moon in normal mode repeatedly was faster..... got sick of doing the full moon level and have been doing the painting guy repeatedly... exiting to the left and going right back in so I don't have to bust up the purple crystals... this seems to be the same or slightly faster than the full moon level but not too much faster. Change of scenery though. Have another question maybe you can answer...... in insane mode, it seems that I beat the thieves forest last time I played and then I ended my session and it had to be unlocked again to get to the second half where the trolls are on the next attempt at insane world.... do you have to beat the whole thing in a single session or the bosses to keep the levels unlocked on your next play? In normal mode if you beat a level it is unlocked for that character. Is it different in insane mode? you need to quit to the map before exiting the game or nothing will save in both modes also beating some levels will unlock other areas... like beating the first 2 levels will open the weapon hut and barbarian arena.... again quit to map so it says SAVING do not just exit the game Yeah, I know that and perhaps I quit of the the level or had it paused for a while and shut it off. Thanks.
  6. skottey


    I get achievements for my own satisfaction. I don't do them to show off and my achievements really don't impact you. Do you really care if I get the Glork achievement or not? If 3 friends and I "boost" each other to get the Glork achievement it has no impact on you whatsoever. Believe me, that food eating contest game is so boring that I'll find a way to get the achievement and never play it again. You certainly don't need to worry about me on the leaderboard. It is in my opinion the worst element of the game. But anyway... if there is a mulitplayer game where it actually impacts other players or people are hacking or cheating and impacting the game and the whole multiplayer experience, that is another story all together. As far as "boosting for glork," what is so different about that and looking at a walkthrough of how to get an achievement. I am a huge Fallout 3 fan and have all the achievements. But believe me, after hours of frustration I finally looked online at a photo walkthrough of getting all 100 steel ingots in The Pitt DLC. I NEVER would have found all 100 if it wasn't for the walkthrough. Again, there is a difference between getting Glork with friends that doesn't impact you at all and working with friends to scam Halo 3 multiplayer where it is ranked. There is a difference between looking at a how to walkthrough and hacking a game.
  7. Thanks..... I had been doing the troll thing in insane mode solo but found doing full moon in normal mode repeatedly was faster..... got sick of doing the full moon level and have been doing the painting guy repeatedly... exiting to the left and going right back in so I don't have to bust up the purple crystals... this seems to be the same or slightly faster than the full moon level but not too much faster. Change of scenery though. Have another question maybe you can answer...... in insane mode, it seems that I beat the thieves forest last time I played and then I ended my session and it had to be unlocked again to get to the second half where the trolls are on the next attempt at insane world.... do you have to beat the whole thing in a single session or the bosses to keep the levels unlocked on your next play? In normal mode if you beat a level it is unlocked for that character. Is it different in insane mode?
  8. ahhh.... I see, fastest way.... no quickest, experience, level up, etc... fastest way Thank you.
  9. skottey


    I haven't played Glork on live but aren't you playing against other humans? Couldn't you get four people together and play enough games where each person wins 20 or whatever it is to get the achievement for each player?
  10. Thanks for your reply. I'm just trying to get to 78 so I can win some more arena battles. I am getting crushed in there with all the 99s and 256 cheaters, haha. I'm only going to get one character to 78 or higher and pretty much with the others I have beat it with I stop working on them once they have unlocked a character (if applicable) or finished the game. I see you are in Tampa, I myself am in St. Pete. Know of any other place to buy used games other than the Gamestops? As far as new, it seems like Target, Best Buy, and Gamestop are the only places to buy new these days (except online). Circuit City used to be good. I wish we had Frys down here. Thanks again.
  11. *Ahem*... No offense but the search bar doesn't always find the best threads. You guys complain about redundant threads started but give redundant answers. You keep saying, "use the search feature, use search, use search" but I searched for best way to gain experience fast or something of the like and got 1 result that DID NOT answer the question. it was a bunch of deleted posts regarding cheating. Who cares if there are duplicate posts. It is no more annoying that repeating "use search, use search." I don't think people are idiots here. They are starting threads because they haven't found the answer.
  12. I'm like a 67 right now.... I timed one just a bit ago and it was 13 minutes from level up to level up so it isn't that bad. I am on Full Moon in normal mode. I have done part of Insane mode alone but not online with others. I was wondering if Insane mode had you leveling up faster. From what I have played of it, it didn't seem to but I wasn't doing a scientific comparison. It seems like it should but didn't seem like it did. Thanks for the input.
  13. First of, I DID use the search feature and found one thread with no useful information. So I am starting this one. I am trying to build a character up legitimately, albeit tediously. Obviously, if you keep playing a level over and over again you can gain experience. But which ones are best? Which ones have the toughest enemies to gain exp fast. I have found that playing Full Moon over and over again I can gain a level every 3-4 play-throughs. It takes maybe 15-20 minutes for each level increase. The enemies are tough enough and there are enough of them. But is there anyplace to do this more efficiently? Bosses themselves don't seem to give a lot of experience, mainly only treasure and I have 2500+ so I am fine there. I just want legit experience fast. Any better place to legitimately gain experience faster than Full Moon? While you are answering, what is your favorite animal and weapon? I am using the giraffe for faster leveling up but in arena Live battle I use chicken or hawk. When you have 78 and have all skill maxed out, what weapon and animal is best when you go into battle to win in arena? When you have full magic and a weapon says plus 5 magic, does it really give you five more than the max or is it worthless to use weapons that increase skills that are maxed out? Same for animals, can they exceed the max skill? Thanks for your help in advance. Again... please don't lock my thread. I used the search function and found nothing but a bunch of deleted entries because people were telling of the boomerang trick and other stuff.
  14. Yeah, I am in IT, not a programmer personally, but a network and PC guy with my own consulting firm, so I have a pretty good idea of how programming code and debugging works. What I have read online regarding the 256 leveling it is a bug (many different sources), but if you are saying it is a hack (let's assume you are right), that makes it even worse and more the reason for Live to ban these guys. If you hardly ever run into this in arena I encourage you to go right now and play a few games and you'll find them. I have been playing like less than 10 games each of these last two days and more than 10 games tonight and I am seeing it a lot. I wouldn't have even known about it had I not been baffled multiple times as to why these people have 256 level characters and googled it. Please... get online... I am looking for legit people to play with. You win, you win... I just want to play with non-cheaters. As far as multiplayer games are concerned, I am used to games like Halo where there is no shortage of people playing and I don't run into the same people game after game, night after night. I've seen this before when a game dies down as far as multiplayer play, but it is odd that mainly cheaters lurk it seems.
  15. So I have been doing arena to get my achievement for winning 30 matches on Live. Problem #1- There is hardly anybody playing. I don't mind the same people, but not if they fall under problem #2. Problem #2- There are a lot of people with all or some of the characters unlocked and level 256. I am new to the game. Only been playing for a couple weeks. My wife and I really enjoy it. I started doing the arena stuff on Live about a week ago and noticed so many people with level 256. My first thought was, why would you go beyond 78? Considering 78 is the mathematical spot where you'd have all skills maxed out. Then I see some people at 99. Why would they stop? I assumed it was the real cap and not 256. So I looked online and sure enough, there is that boomerang bug. Well, it is just silly that these people spoil their own fun by doing this. Half the fun is working hard and EARNING your level ups with the different characters. How fun is it to just have all characters at 256? Nobody looks at those people and thinks, "wow, cool, he is a level 256." People automatically know you are a moron. Even if you could go that high, why would you work at leveling up that far when 78 or 79 has you maxed out at all skills? Why would you then do it for all characters? This is just stupid. I equate this to capitalism/socialism. In a capitalistic society, if you work hard you get ahead of the pack. If you work 80 hours and run a business, you are sure to get ahead of the part timer doing 20 hours in fast food. But in a socialist type society, workers are more evenly paid. Why work hard as a doctor when a fast food worker isn't earning much less than you are? Same with the game. If everyone is a level 256, what is the fun in that? It ruins it for yourself and everyone else. Nobody thinks you are cool. Really. Sorry to break it to you, but there is not a person out there that deep down inside thinks you are cool for cheating your way to level 256. What is even worse is that everything says that they would be booting players at level 256 and they have not done that. They also said that they'd remove their achievements. They haven't done that either. And there are so few players, when I go to "avoid" a player, they still show up in my quick match. Reports of cheating or system manipulation are futile. Kind of ruins an otherwise great Live arcade game. Way to go Behemoth team for such a bug and way to go Xbox Live for doing NOTHING about it. Reminds me of the old standby cheats on Halo2. What a joke. If your life is that pathetic that you find hope and positive feelings out of cheating in a game, I pity you. I really do.