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    Game #3 ULTIMATE suggestion thread

    A boss fight mode!
  2. eatsamypizza

    Game #3 ULTIMATE suggestion thread

    Customization. I liked how in alien hominid I could sport an afro and my friend could wear the baseball cap. It was just a tiny little addition that made me like my character more.
  3. eatsamypizza

    What do you guys think game #3 is gonna be?

    It looks like a cross between ice climbers, and super smash bros brawl
  4. eatsamypizza

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    Hi im new! Behemoth makes awesome games and I need a legal way to stalk them so here I am.
  5. eatsamypizza

    DOOR PRIZES- Countdown to a Million Contest

    I like the snilies on this site