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  1. Thoughts that just popped up.

    Special terrain

    water slides, escalators, trampolines

    Teleporters/ warp pipes

    Because getting where you want to go as quickly as possible is awesome.

    Random goal boss battles

    Like for the mini boss in alien hominnid where you played simon says or in castle crashers when you played volleyball.


    You guys have two great games under your collective belts dont ever let us forget it!

    Speed runs

    getting from point a to point b is only fun when you can brag about how fast you did it

    Bigger obstacles!

    I want the sky to be falling! avalanches earthquakes penguin stampedes something to make me wtf

    Co op story Mode

    Both previous games had it why ruin the tradition?

    A Yoshi rip off

    Platforming just feels better with one around

  2. I personally feel you dont need more characters. if you just tweaked some of the magic of some characters it would go a long way. It diminishes the joy of having a new character when they play more or less like everyone else.

    Like say have the peasant randomly summon a goat. And it would randomly go around attacking people. Or maybe spikes pop up that impale your oppenent. A temporary stat boost spell. Or maybe a weaker homing attack spell. One of the best characters in the game is the industrial knight just because his magic is so different and fitting to his theme.

    If you just change the magic moves around and tweak the multiplayer options you almost have an entirely new game on your hands. The changes would have that much of an impact.

  3. I'd get it as a poster, because that's just too awesome a picture, and I can't skateboard/snowboard.

    Plus, if I wore this as a shirt, I'd be getting more bad looks than good from people, as my community just has no sense of humor, nor a sense for good taste in art.

    You raise a good point. Its a great picture but I would only want to share it with certain people. Well since that guy showed a couple threads back why not as a custom 360 faceplate? Or an mp3 player skin. Maybe even a key chain.