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  1. They edited the Hex Values in the game. Also known as hacking. some of is right but they gliched it = copy the same lvl same thing as the anther person so that dosnt mean they hack well kinda to moding the leaderboards is just cheating it thats it . hex values in game are true the moders or hackers use it ok so watch out i got infect or a virus from that. and im sure i think u just get banned or suspended thing.
  2. the modders who originally hex edited the game made it the fullest they could with 256... they even changed the name to necromancer for the leaderboards the person who did one of the original mods has cloned this though every other mod with this exploit. Bottom line is dont play with 256's and play with friends or private matches If you got the characters your stuck with them.. As for people saying Oh i was playing with ... and they left the game while i played at exactly the time... well you knew of this glitch as your playing 2 profiles on one system with these people. I can see someone new to this game playing with a 256 but as for 2 people new to this game playing online and this happening as a very rare thing. Its not unintentional... someone mentioned how to do it and it got done You can only reset the char data that is it... Complain all you want... you broke the law and the law won Ive been playing the game since its 1st day on live and ive never gotten nailed by a 256 infection. None of my long time friends from here have either. Mind you we read up on things here or word of mouth. Again if you play with a 256 then youll get it if you mess around if you dont play with a 256 then sure you might have cloned someone else but your not a 256 GET IT? As for not knowing they are 256... how can someone beat the game and have all gold skulls and 256 as a level?? it would take years... ive been playing off and on a solid year and have 1 grey skull left to get and 6 gold ones... it takes time and talent.. some people may skip levels etc.. but DONT CHEAT yeai know there it is the cheating rule dude that part they give u banned or suspended or suspenshion if they want. hacking u just get banned hacking not moding someones account and use creditit card u just go jail or prison. moding> is just they give u same thing as the cheating well 1st they gliched the there 256 but gliching isnt in the rules it just came in the game or the bugs, and 2nd the leaderboards the gliched it but they cheated the leaderboards. so banned nope they wont and suspenshion or suspended yes they well and that = a warning i dont know there gona remove at at the leader boards and start all over again so stop the madness of course they mite get banned or a supenden but if they get that = banned k to file report them k thank you
  3. yea man just hope for god for magic so they dont banned you
  4. me to i dont wanna get banned im like somewhere to 6000 like so u know im very scared. microsoft should know what happen and rely why cant they fix this> and pluse i thought they give you warining if you do it again your banned in xbox live becouse my bro got warning on some ather game
  5. hmm im thinking someone hack you'r account? or modded your profile? i prefer call microsoft they mite help
  6. Maybe his weapons are equiped...? no he changed hes weapons and he still have it like after we laged we played again but i thought it well dissaper but it still there
  7. lol but dude one of my frieand did that he kept it like 3 days oredy
  8. yea they should hurry up doing that
  9. i was like playing my xbox 360 the whole time in gears of war 2 look no one told me that story it well be funny if they do it again
  10. rly? i was out 2 weeks no useing fourms that happend wow
  11. k behemoth should pach it oredy by now or something
  12. ok? why should we convince that? people well get bannd or suspeneded by that. you know people who convince them buy the game is there fault! not the people who buyed the game.
  13. lol i know that but some of it i don't know k but look i why would i sell my acoount its like my best one i have in 1 year but going be 2 years till octorber 27th of my birthday when i got the xbox live of course and xbox 360. so why dont make update remove the people of the leaderboard in CC is it impossble or possble? im just saying? and i well look for the people who selling there modded profile you know to report them. well i dont sell it becouse i have 10900G score or 10876G score i dilint hex or mod or cheat but i found one of modders keep asking people wanna glich accounts clone but i forgot its something x and the numbers in castle crasher. i well find out who moded of course you know one of them!
  14. i think why it got to million is becouse of the hack glich or something