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  1. No more doing this on the cc board. BYE CC BOARD
  2. I don't expect not to get a permaban. It's like robbing a bank. You know you are going to go jail. It's no different
  3. Yeah I totally meant everything I said. I really think kelly is cool. Grow up. I was just being funny because my friend, Botzart, dared me to do all this.
  4. Alright look. Kelly is a pretty cool person. I was just joking. And when I get banned I'll never do it again. Now you can laugh at me while I can still reply.
  5. Yeah, you guys can laugh. I don't mean anything I say. Kelly is cool I was just kidding all along
  6. Your banned for not being rude
  7. Your literally banned because I never said any of that. I said all that about kelly
  8. Your banned for not wanting to brutally murder dan paladin with a pick axe
  9. Seriously your gay if you DON'T want to do that. Your banned
  10. Banned for not being Gray