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  1. Another Spongebob reference spotted in the Behemoth store One of the shirts has a picture of a snail and underneath the choice of the three boxes is a cat. This is CLEARLY a reference to Gary the Snail. We are on to you Behemoth.
  2. Cardinal, Bat, Rammy, the pooping owl (not an animal orb), and I can't remember the other one.
  3. This makes me sad . I thought for sure they would put this in, but they put in an owl that isn't even an orb. Is anyone else disappointed there is no chicken? (I'm not sure if this packed was announced a while ago or if the contents were already known, I just learned what pics were in it today)
  4. taking a break from code sending to get some shirts packed up for mailing tomorrow! you are up next bagel! Sweet, I'll post pics when it gets here : ).
  5. this post: http://forums.thebehemoth.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=7239 has info on buttons. Have you sent out the shirts yet? I can't wait to get mine !
  6. Hmmm... In the Marsh, the fish creatures with spears die and turn into lemons, thus proving the theory "Every Villain Is Lemons" or "E.V.I.L".
  7. It's not a wizard, it's one of his minions. Necromancer doesn't need his wings to be an awesome character. And, citizen with a messed up face? What are you talking about? Maybe he means one of the peasants.
  8. I really like this Neromancer pack
  9. Paint.net is a good editing program, and it is free.
  10. I had a little fun with the blacksmith : ).
  11. Thanks : ). I didn't know that existed. Normally I just use the castlecrashers.wikia.com, but the boss pics weren't too good there.
  12. I don't know where to find one, but if anyone can, hopefully they can make a thread and post all of them. Also, if anyone could post HQ pics of the bosses and princesses that would be cool too
  13. At least one person had to buy the pack and do the 256 glitch to happen. Apparently, when you do the 256 glitch and the other person has the Necro/king pack, you get those too for free.
  14. As of now I have 0 : ). Me and 2 other friends are working on it right now though and just defeated the cat boss.