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  1. Eh, I'm not too chuffed. Come October when I finally might consider playing something other than Dissidia, the DLC will hopefully be out so I have an excuse to pick it back up and play. (as if I need an excuse, just saying) I just don't mind waiting.
  2. Yeah, too broke to afford one. I'll just keep perusing Paint, hahaha. Think I'll just do something random next.
  3. I stomped balloon in the Lava World on insane as the Royal Guard and the Fencer. Fencer especially, and everyone knows why.
  4. As far as overall annoying levels go, the Lava World is definitely the least fun. It's like an endurance test of sorts, which isn't BAD, it's just meh.
  5. I almost don't know what to say. That looks badass and a half. A tofu man in a loving fez, HALLELIEUJA
  6. Got a Gold Skull with the Green Knight, the Orange Knight, the Fire Demon, the Red Knight, and Snakey. About to get it with the Industrialist (too easy).
  7. Just imagine if the Industrialist' Gears did continual damage to players instead of knockdown......
  8. Characters: Samurai Zombie Lutist (intro band) Paladin FABULOUS Knight Mongolian etc. etc.
  9. Fire Demon fireballs = murder
  10. Therefore don't play as the Open-Visor Grey if you want to unlock characters. He doesn't unlock anyone either.
  11. Samurai. Weapon: Katananana. An oddly-shaped yellowish katana. LVL 15 weapon, gives: +1 Str -2 Def +2 Agl Critical Splash Magic: Whirlwind. Amazing sword skills creates localized wind storm. Would appear similar to the Green Knight's Poison Cloud, only bladed and hazy sky blue. Projectile Magic: Vaccuum Wave. Just like it sounds. Rising Magic: Twister. Similar to the A, A combo, only rising upwards. Great for clearing a pile while tacking on damage. Arrows: Would have little straw hats for arrowheads. Animal orb: Wolfy. Stalwart lone wolf prevents Knockdown.
  12. Would play. Hands-down. And there oughta be an achievement for pulling off so many shutouts in a row. 10 Shutouts in a row, why not? Call it "Clearly Juicing", for 20g.
  13. Excellent, excellent. What are you using, Sculpey III? Your attention to detail rings professional, not amateur. Can't wait to see the final product.
  14. Holy god, now THAT is fan art. I'll be keeping tabs on this thread for sure.