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  1. Well I'm sorry. I didn't think it matters that much. At least I don't think cel shading is realistic.
  2. Yay I've started a successful forum!!!
  3. There's TWO different versions! Not where I live!
  4. So wait it's a cross between Mario, Sonic and my local Butchers? Truly Epic...
  5. Microja

    Kingdom Hearts

    Kingdom Hearts II is the only one I own and have played. Never got around to completing it but I still loved it! Congratulations ryuken104! Sephiroth is a B*TCH to kill! ahem...
  6. Microja


    I don't buy games for achievements... BUT I do check in advance if the next level has any achievements. So it's not achievement hunting more achievement safari! I check where and when it is and the likelihood of getting it... Rather than buying games or replaying them for achievements I just enjoy them!
  7. I'm getting it the day it's out!
  8. Personally I think it's great, but what do you think? List of a few Cel Shaded games: 1) Wind Waker: ]2)Borderlands: (I'm getting this!) 3)No More Heroes: These are 3 I like. Please tell me 3 that you like. That is, if you do like any.
  9. My God... Learn to spell... AT YOU
  10. They should make a grey knight... oh... yeah...
  11. Yeah, fool, its the wizard minion
  12. Bring on the Pink and Purple Female Knights (Knightesses?) And a female Grey Knight (again Knight or Knightess, I just don't know)
  13. Microja

    Kay guys.

    You need the Grey Knight as the main character! He so manly
  14. Use the Grey Knight! Closed Face not the stupid, ugly, hateful, pointless... ...5 hours later... ...horrible and terrible Open Face