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  1. First of all , i don't know if this is the right place for me to do this so..please don't be mad at me :/ . I'm brazilian and a huge fan of BBT , so , i created a facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/BattleblockTheaterBrasil?skip_nax_wizard=true) for brazilians or people all around the world that , whose goal it is to explain,tell the news about the game , if you guys enjoyed the idea,please , like it ! :DD
  2. IndustrialKnight , add me , i'm going to play now !
  3. I want to buy the Winston head , or get it , mt gt is : x Ultimatum z , add me if you wanna sell it or get it (:
  4. Yeah , i have forgotten about the beta , i'm soo exicted !
  5. I'm from Brasil,and so my xbox live account,it is from brasil too, it will be avaible to download bbt, like in the USA's xbox live ???
  6. I've changed my forum username for the beta, and i'm still waiting for...i'm worried ! P.S : i sent the email saying that i jave changed my forum name
  7. i'm worried, i send an email to behemoth saying that is my new forum name for the beta 1, still no answers !

  8. i recreated my forum name , and i replied the email saying that this is my new forum name, i'm ancious !