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  1. Isn't there something else in the PS3 version besides Volleyball that's not in the 360 version? I thought I remember seeing like a special single player room/level or sorts. Am I totally wrong in this?
  2. Not going to happen. NOT. AT. ALL. Put into perspective the Super Meat Boy situation. The game is only 250MB in size (According to the XBLA version), which really isn't a large game in this day and age, but the Wii's hard drive is about that big. I guarantee Battle Block Theater will be in the same area, size-wise, and the Behemoth just won't be able to sacrifice enough to get it to fit on the Wii's limits. Nintendo's two biggest problems to date; Lack of a proper hard drive and ONLINE!
  3. PS3 users had to wait 2 additional years for Castle Crashers. The problem with that logic is that PS3 users didn't expect to get Castle Crashers, as it was promoted as an XBLA exclusive. Therefore, in turn, PS3 users didn't have to wait at all until the Behemoth revealed it was coming out on the PS3. In all honesty, I thought it was a pretty jerk move to make to give PS3 users so much extra stuff without giving XBLA owners the same treatment, especially when it was the XBLA owners that jacked up Castle Crashers sales so high. I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of the Behemoth, but I won't lie in saying that I feel like Xbox users have been shafted after the game was released on the PS3.
  4. I have no idea, but I will tell you one thing; The Behemoth's main page is totally wrong by saying that "Game 3" came out last year (2010). Looks like that thing needs to be updated to "Battle Block Theatre" and "2011?"
  5. Here's the problem. It's not that the Wii can't HANDLE a Behemoth game. Quite the contrary. They would work perfectly well. But here's the problem, and it's been one of the bigger problems for the Wii with a lot of Arcade-style titles; THE WII HAS NO HARD DRIVE! This is huge, because Castle Crashers would take up your entire Wii System Memory by itself. That's not even counting the other channels you more than likely already have on your console. To be able to run this on the Wii and keep your saves, you'll need to constantly trade it on and off your hard drive, since they only way to use an SD card on the Wii at the moment is to store items, not play off of. As for the 360 and the PS3, they both have massive storage units, so the Behemoth's games work perfectly fine, as does any other downloadable game. Although the Wii has an impressive number of games on their Virtual Console and WiiWare, it's really difficult to actually manage them all and keep them all at the same time. There comes a point where you'll have to store them on an SD card or delete the game in its entirety and download it again when you want to play it layer. I have World of Goo, a fantastic game, but I hate that I have it now. I had to get rid of 5+ games to have room to play World of Goo. So when it comes to Arcade games, I definitely prefer the 360 or the PS3. There's no hassle. Just download one time and play. End of story.
  6. I didn't even demo the game! As soon as I heard it was 4-player local/online co-op beat-em-up, I was sold. When I played the game for the first time, it was the greatest beat-em-up since Turtles In Time on the SNES. Even my wife loves Castle Crashers! She has beaten the game 3 times with me, and that's really saying something because she doesn't care for video games that much (Particularly because I play too much ). It is still the best game on the LIVE Arcade, in my opinion, and it has so much replay value too! The Behemoth, you brought hope to video gaming once again. Thank you, and happy anniversary!
  7. Best. Topic. Ever! Seriously, I'm sure so much thought went into this before the poster typed it. I can see it now... "Hmm... you know what sounds like a great idea?! Going on the Behemoths forums and ask for Castle Crashers for free! Yeah! That would be awesome! Surely this is a good idea, because it's not like a million people have spent $15 on it or anything. Maybe they need someone to get a free code and help advertise the product. This is definitely a good idea. Let me know of how to approach this. Hmm... GIVE ME A FREE CODE FOR CASTLE CRASHERS!" Brilliant.
  8. My only concern is that the Pink Knight will have the same power as the King. No offense, but all the knights should have their own special power that is unique to them. How come only the Red Knight and the Green Knight are like this? Oh, well. If it's healing for the Pink Knight, it's healing.
  9. Yeah. I was part of the Preview Program for the new Xbox update, and Castle Crashers was the first game I rated with 5 stars. Too bad I couldn't give it 6/5, because that's what it really deserves.
  10. Oh, this is SO exciting! Unfortunately, I have so many games to catch up on. If this DLC comes out relatively soon, I'm going to have to put aside everything else and start playing Castle Crashers again!
  11. Blue, just because the ice magic isn't that great, in my opinion. I actually like Green and Orange most, and Red is pretty cool too. And why are people voting against Green?! His magic is great!
  12. Unfortunately, Insane only has random Save Points. The normal game saves every time you exit to the map, visit shops, finish a level, etc. Insane only saves after major portions; Defeating the Barbarian boss, the Catfish, the Cyclops, Lava World, Industrial Castle, the Volleyball Match, The Corn, Medusa, the Ice King, and the Wizard. I think I hit up on all the Save Points for Insane. I'm not sure if there is another one after beating the 3 bosses before the Wizard, but the rest of them, I'm sure of.
  13. Actually, my only MAJOR request is more t-shirts. I mean, only the Blue Knight is an option? I purchased it and love it (Wearing it now, hence my reason for bringing this up), but I would really like to see Orange, Green, and Red Knight t-shirts as well. I would actually purchase all four shirts. OR, even better, if there was a t-shirt that had all 4 knights! That would be really cool. Just more t-shirt options. And not corny ones like the Pirate-Ninja t-shirt. That one is just too cluttered and not nearly as cool as the Blue Knight shirt.
  14. Michael Jackson Weapon: Silver Glove (-1 Offense, -2 Defense, +6 Agility, because this thing makes you MOVE!) Magic: Moonwalk (An invincible stride that ends with a WOOOOO and knocks everyone around over) Projectile: Fedora