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  1. you know who needs to be made? you see these guys twice in the game and yet you can't play them... THE TROLLS!
  2. I sent you an invite, Pelters Revenge GT: Fox Reeveheart I am interested in doing this o_o
  3. WHAT? O_O Can you reset all data as in all animal orbs/weapons acquired? As well as characters unlocked? WHERE IS THIS? BECAUSE I ACTUALLY WANT THIS! And i'm not joking. I was sad that when I wanted to start from nothing that I couldn't delete the data of stuff I had unlocked and whatnot. I could only reset levels to 1.
  4. I am definitely interested in this Though my highest level is like 31 =3 i reset all my chars some time ago
  5. Oracle of DLC says no kratos or master chief I swear kids want master chief in every dang game. *play Super Smash Brothers Brawl* "ZOMG MASTER CHIEF NEEDS TO BE IN THIS" *See's plans for soul calibur 5 guest characters* "ZOMG MASTER CHIEF FOR 360" *Mortal Kombat gets kratos for PS3* "ZOMG MASTER CHIEF FOR 360" Give it a rest :\ Master Chief is already in Card Sagas Wars, be happy about that.
  6. castle crashers was released in 2008.... not 2007
  7. Fine, make PS3 version later if you must, i'll buy BBT But I dont want to see 2 years down the road... "We are realing BBT for PS3 with this and this and this extra!" Still mad at you for the volleyball for ps3, behemoth
  8. The mancatcher looks like a giant pair of scissor-like clamps (not the actual scissor-shears) that sits to the right of the brocolli The claws you are referring to are some sort of unreleased weapon, more than likely a weapon to be released in the hatty DLC.
  9. Yeah what he said The Oracle DLC has nothing to say yet except that there will be more than 1 new weapon with the hatty DLC. One we already know of (it's some pointy green crystal thing, very stylish!)
  10. what levels you looking for? all i have is 1's and 20-30s
  11. This topic is a month old but it's still first page. I would like to express my interest in the rubber handled sword >_< GT = Fox Reeveheart
  12. Concerning the wooden mace.... I read the wiki before I even played the DLC, and heard about a weapon in the undead cyclops boss room, I never even knew about it before hand. Then I read on other sources that it was PS3 only. I beat him, find that weapon... I'm on 360... so I dunno O_o Also... Thats no mace, that looks like a wooden spoon to me! as for 2x4, i looked for that and found nothing.
  13. Ok so we get the hammer, mancatcher, cattleprod, and the dinner fork, that makes 4. But upon reading the DLC description, there is supposedly a 5th weapon. Anyone care to shed some light on this?