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  1. Just looking from my current xbox game collection, Portal 2 (as if you don't already own it). Mortal Kombat if you can get into a real competitive fighting game. Batman Arkham City/Asylum both very well respected games too me. Skyrim simply because it is the type of role playing adventure game that you dream of as a kid. Gears of War 3, something I still play day by day do to the fair gameplay and well sized skill gap. And the first two orginal Assasins Creeds, the next ones do the story some justice (not so much the 3rd one) but don't explore and major changes of the gameplay.
  2. R34P3R


    I've got my old Xbox game Toruk, which I played through a while ago. I could never find anybody to play multiplayer with however and I was wondering if anyone on the forums might have the game?
  3. I've had my pacman joystick for a while now, and I used to be able to play it on a regular tv. Every time I try to hook it up to my HDTV, I can't get it to work, the screen will either not turn on or is black and white and too fuzzy. The joystick has white and yellow wires. The Tv has no yellow wires, and instead a green, blue, and extra red input. I figure the reason is because the joystick is not compatible with hd, so how can I make it compatible?
  4. Judging by the fact that the nearby car is also totaled, I'm guessing somebody rammed into it? Don't you have some type of car insurance that would at least help you out?
  5. R34P3R


    My incredible Minecraft graffiti montage.
  6. Because the Behemoth thinks that PS3 players are complete losers and they put their games on the Xbox earlier than the PS3 so they can laugh about it while drinking Martini's on Microsoft's private beach.
  7. Twisted Pixels recently released Mrs. Splosion Man, the sequel to Splosion Man to the Xbox Live arcade. I got the chance to play through the trial and am spectacle for the full game. Presentation wise, the cut-scenes look brilliant. The new backround layouts might be annoying for my eyes to get used to, similar to the orignial Splosion Man, but I'm willing to give it a shot. It's obvious Twisted Pixel loves to go with beyond wacky with there games, and Splosion Man was an extremely lovable character. I'm hoping I can grow onto Mrs. Splosion man the same way, because her character annoys the hell out of me. Point being, has anyone bought Mrs. Splosion Man that has anything to say about it?
  8. Look, I can see what your standing for. In some aspects I understand why you believe your right on the subject, and some aspects you keep avoiding the subject. I guess that what I've been trying to do is prove to myself that the internet can be a mature enough place for people to change their opinions. As it appears I was wrong. I'm tired of repeating myself because it's obvious no one here is willing to change there minds on anything I have to offer.
  9. Well as requested, I've decided to bring my topic of juggling into a completely new thread. Sounds unnecessary right? That's probably because it is. I'm trying to prove my point in a debate. While you can look at exploiting people's flaws as in insult, that's clearly not the way I decided to use it. Instead, I'm attempting to show people their flaws so that they will stop acting so immature, and learn that their not contributing to the thread. Thus giving them a clearly written out option, of thinking logically and contributing in the thread in a way that benefits the actual debate itself. So please, if anyone out there in this community can't withstand some constructive criticism on their own opinions, than don't post in threads about debates. You even saying this is annoying me. And no, that is not a blatent insult. That's me expressing my honest opinion on how morally blind you must be to have missed my entire post addressing this. If you would have read over my post, you would have known that I'm not taking out a personal vengeance on you. Instead of repeating myself, why don't you read over my post again, and anyone else who doesn't understand that can do so also. Again, you aren't understanding me. Which again, is aggravating me. I'm not telling people to stop posting because I simply don't like the way they're debating. I'm telling people to stop posting because their not debating at all, and there just clogging up the thread with spam. Now personally towards you Shushi, isn't that your job to not allow? Kelly and the other Moderators would only agree with you on this because they feel a level of trust in you. You looking at me like some sort of criminal is just abusing your power of trust and bending it towards your own opinion of who you do and do not like. If you, Kelly, or any other Moderator's going to ignore my logic and posts, and honestly believes that no one in your community has the mental stability to debate in a thread, than please feel free to ban me.
  10. Translation: You're an idiot. Translation: You're an unhelpful idiot. Translation: You're an unhelpful and oblivious idiot. That was a single post. If you want me to go back 3 pages, this is going to take a while. That being said, "If you don't understand, go back and read until you do" can just as easily be translated into, "I'm right and you're wrong, this is a fact and you have no right to think otherwise." Ah I see, so If I try to stand up my opinion, that of course makes me an idiot? See this is a blatant insult, with no logic or reasoning whatsoever than unnecessary anger. Your the one driving this topic away from juggling, so I'll ask again, either use some logic in your posts, or don't post. Simple as that. No Sushi, these posts are not insulting. Their pointing out the flaws in people so that they can understand why this threads not going anywhere and showing my personal opinion. If anybody's personally insulted by anything I've said, than they have every right to leave this thread. I'm trying to prove a point on Juggling, not break a child's heart. I'm not flaming, nor arguing, I'm debating. If you or anybody else can't see that, than leave. This is a part of the debate that needs to be addressed. People's immaturity is getting the way of the actual debate, and I'm asking for this people to either helpfully contribute to the debate, or not contribute at all. Otherwise, this thread is just bound to run around into circles indefinitely. If you honestly believe that this community isn't capable of having a debate, than you can go ahead an lock this thread yourself.
  11. Let me repeat myself. I've backed up my points numerous times, If you still don't understand that take your time to read through the last 3 pages. If you still don't understand after that, read again. I don't understand where your getting blatant insults from. I'd love for you too show me where I've insulted someone so far in this thread. Because all I've done is point out there obvious flaws on why this debates not going anywhere and state my honest opinion. If you think that's going to start a flame war, be my guest, send me all the warnings you want.
  12. -.- Sorry about that Lyonidus, I mistook you for Xelrog T. Apocalypse. And not that it's directed towards you at this point, but I don't see myself being overdramatic. You have to understand what it's like to be so sure of something and have someone constantly try to prove you wrong with no supporting evidence. Again, sorry for the mistake, even though my opinion still stands towards Xelrog T.
  13. I've replied to all of your arguments numerous times. You obviously aren't paying too much attention then. And Lyonidus, please if your not going to use any thought in your arguments whatsoever don't post. So far every paragraph I've read from you has been so idiotic and unhelpful that your just spiraling this thread back around into circles, and the fact that you don't even realize it quite frankly is pissing me off.
  14. I hardly ever post here, though. Even if I was making the worst points in the world, I don't see how my posts would be any different from the occasional "AYE THINK JUGGLING IS FAIR BECAUSE I LIKE IT" or "I HATE JUGGLING BECAUSE I'M BAD AT IT" posts. I do check back on this thread, but I only skim it for insults and spam so that I can throw warnings at people. I don't pay as much attention to the actual conversation simply because I'm tired of arguing this same topic so frequently. And what valid reason did I avoid, exactly? I was replying to True213. My post was a counterargument to what he said, not to what everybody said. I haven't fully read the other posts, I don't care nearly as much about the debate anymore. I never insisted that you were reading through the entire debate. I haven't been either. However, I expected you to stop and think from different perspectives on your reasoning. I just don't understand why you would lay down your opinion on the table if your not willing to change your mind. It's obvious that not many people are putting much thought into this debate, but I would expect you not to contribute if your going to just be as selfish as everyone else contributing. Why would a gamer trying to get to the top of the leaderboards be a broad stereotype? They do it for leaderboard scores, there's simply no other reason to do it. I'm not saying it's a bad thing that they juggle for their leaderboard scores, it's a leaderboard. People try to get to the top. It's competition. I don't see why there would be anything wrong with that. I do it, you do it, we all do it. It's a leaderboard score. It's a highscore table. That's just how it works. I understand what you mean about the whole leaderboard thing. Many people do just care about the leaderboards for the sake of competetoin. All I'm trying to say is that competetion is very fun for many players. Also, I don't quite understand what you're trying to say here. You might have accidentally a couple words.Like I said before, I don't have anything against jugglers. I don't care about them. My argument is that juggling should be removed from Castle Crashers, not that jugglers should be burned at a stake. And yes, like I agreed with you earlier, people juggle because the rest of the attacks are ineffective and unhelpful. At no point did I disagree with that. I want juggling removed because I'd like to have a battle where these ineffective and unhelpful attacks aren't ineffective and unhelpful. I'd like a battle where the attacks do more than just help you juggle or avoid juggles. Personally, I think the battles would more varied and more fun. More varied because there would be other tactics and strategies available, and every attack would serve multiple purposes (as opposed to a juggle assist). More fun because it wouldn't just be a wild goose chase followed by a one-sided juggle followed by more wild goose chase followed by more one-sided juggle followed by lather rinse repeat until the battle is over. I figured that you were against jugglers alltogether. Sorry for that mistake, your just against juggling itself. I understand your argument on why you would like more tactics and longer battles, and that's completely your opinion on why you want juggling removed. I'm trying to tell you that people who do juggle have the opposite opinion, and find the game fun and replayable as it is. I understand why your opinion is the way it is, but I'm just trying to stand up for the people who respectfully disagree with you.
  15. Well, first of all, being narrow-minded means that you're biased or closed towards other opinions. Calling someone's opinion ignorant is a little bit completely an example of that. Either way, I'm not sure what the point is with all this hostility. I hardly ever post here, and my points were plenty valid. Oh, and let's not forget that Dan himself said that he'd like to add more gravity to juggled players, I don't see how my opinion in particular should be considered ignorant. Anyways, I think you may have misunderstood my post. I'm not against jugglers, and I didn't say they were abusing the game by juggling. I'm saying that they're only juggling because they're concerned with their leaderboard scores, which is clearly true. If you don't juggle, you don't have a chance at the leaderboards because, like you said before, the rest of the attacks won't help you at all. That's why I want it out of the game. Yes, as a method to avoid/set juggles, not as an attack. I didn't try to come off as hostile in the first place. I used the term ignorant because it seems as though whenever someone gives a valid reason for why jugglings an acceptable addition to the game, you seem to just avoid the topic and move back to the beginning of the circle. Your assuming that jugglers are only concerned with leaderboard scores, which is just a broad stereotype. I'm not sure if you misunderstood me, but I've already given my reasons as to why jugglers juggle in the first place. Jugglers don't use the rest of the ineffective attacks because their easy to counter. Like I said, nobody wants to be knocked back by their own attack backfiring, so they use more effective attacks. All jugglers are doing it increasing the length of the skillgap, and it seems to me that people like you are just unwilling to accept that.