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  1. okay i searched this and it didn't look like there was already one about this. mine is personally the blue mace that the industrialist uses because i don't usually level up my defense so it helps me a lot. plus it is available at an early level.
  2. screw it! ALL HAIL THE TRIPPY balloon ROFLPAINTER!!!
  3. i am considering becoming a member...but you should make a custom sig first
  4. yeah i personally thought he was madd trippy
  5. xPRAY_for_PLAGUESx


    yeah my friend and brother both wanted me to level 256 hack but i refused. just shun your friend for life. (lol)
  6. i dont believe at all the groom boss is the toughest but solo the necromancer is hands down. co op, it all depends on what characters and what levels.
  7. personally i would have to say wizard castle takeoff cause you get to fly and i think they should do more little fun minigames like that.
  8. why do you want the gun anyway? it does no plus anything
  9. yeah that troll thing happened to me a couple days ago! i was so mad!!
  10. dude i do the exact same thing. except with my ninja...(dont EVER try to even you stats out!!)
  11. everyone else was asking for the best, so i decided to be different! hehehe...
  12. i hated those volcano dragons that SPAMMED THEIR FIREBALLS! who taught them to SPAM?!?!?!?!
  13. if anything i want to see a hoodie with all the knights on it. that would be beast!!!
  14. i have seen a few, like making the enemies float and stuff. just basically anything that the programmers forgot or purposly put in there that arent obvious.
  15. yeah i see what you are saying but overall he really isnt as hard as that guy is making him out to be.