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  1. add me GT is NoNameLegend illhelp after the patch is out
  2. i vote dragoon, fat kid, dan paladin and guitar player i also got an idea that i'll post later since i want to draw it out
  3. granted but all the characters and weapons will be balloon type and pop instantly. I wish that one of the unlockable characters was spiderman.
  4. i just checked the zune marketplace and u can buy 400, 1200, 2000, or 4000 microsoft points just like in the xbox marketplace.
  5. sorry about that, just wanted to know what other people would do since it was bugging me for a while.
  6. okay so i have 2000 microsoft points to buy CC i'll have 800 left over is AH really that good for me to spend my 800 on right now, cause i'm starting to think that once i buy it i'll get CC this wensday than never play AH cause CC will take up my time forever, or should i just save those 800 for CC download content that will likely come out a couple months after CC
  7. since i have no way to make pictures with a computer program i had to hand draw these 2 pictures and than hand color them using colored pencils, i only spent about a hour or 2 to drawing, outlining than coloring. while scanning them i dunno what happened but it lost some color and lost some detail, so if anyone knows a way i could get some type of flash program or design program please tell, by monday i'll have a picture up that i actualy spent some time on, again it'll be hand drawn but i might color it using the computer or just leave it black and white.
  8. man i think these avatars u were doing looked nice, but i was wondering what program do u use to make them? and how much did u get it for and where, it would be nice if you could tell me so i could try to get this program than attempt to make one for mself. thanks
  9. mine is NoNameLegend, like my username here, you can add me if you like but just send me a message saying your from this forum and maybe we can play some castle crashers.
  10. think you could make me one of these avatars with the thief, and if its not too much trouble maybe shooting arrows, and with my gamertag on it, thanks my gamertage is my username NoNameLegend
  11. cool tomorrow i'll have a picture i completely hand drew, but since i don't have a tablet of any kind, it's more like fan art so i had to settle with coloring it with color pencils, if u guys like it i can draw some more castle crashers fan art.