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  1. So yeah....Freddys gonna be a DLC character guys....
  2. I find it amusing this topic has gone on for as long as it has. Its a major mechanic of the game, don't like it, you have to deal with it. Period.
  3. I just knew my patience would pay off! Was just a matter of time. Also I Can't see why people think Spy is hard to play. I get so many kills with him, all you have to do is get behind enemy lines and your set...
  4. Hey there. I'm not sure if anyone here remembers me, but to the point of the topic: I've been playing a flash game called StarWish. I thought it was pretty amazing game(except for space combat, which was ok.). Story was great, music was beutiful. I thought that if someone hasn't played the game yet I would kindly show it to them. http://www.kongregate.com/games/xdanond ... mplete=sta It took me 2 days to beat this game, and even longer to get every ending. For its story and awesome music, I think its worth everybodys time.
  5. Stop that. Do you have any idea how many spam topics have gotten created that way? Maybe you don't remember the Forum Crash of '08 but I do. I do as well. Good times. Gooood times. But yeah, the add-ons we have now is as close as your gonna get.
  6. They only count if you A+ them. Dont think so, I played the game recently and the counter went up when I beat a level...
  7. Well, as long as it comes out soon. I have Super meatboy and Fable III to keep me company but I really can't wait forever.
  8. As long as you dont hack, you do whatever it takes to win.
  9. They pretty much are the same. The only differences are the 360 is hacked and doesn't have Volleyball (volleyball isn't even that great), and the PS3 doesn't support multi-ID co-op. I mean really, the differences are so minuscule it's almost a joke that anybody would make a big deal out of it. I bet he means DLC Yup, sure do. Anyway kinda off-topic, but nice to see some familiar people again. I always love coming here. I used to say this place was awesome for a nice community and great forum convenience. And i still do.
  10. Hey, there is no rule against coming back after having been banned, I checked But its a common sense. If you were banned before, why would they want you to comeback? Because if most people from WAAAY back then remember, he said it really wasn't his fault. Even if his account broke the rules, it wasn't him that caused the incident. When accidents like that happen, people deserve at least another chance.
  11. Man you guys are so far into it. Only on Light world Chp. 6.
  12. A banned member returning? I don't know the details, but even if you've done nothing wrong by returning, there's still the fact that you made another alternate account. Bye bye now. To be fair, what happend so long ago was an accedent. You should give him another chance.
  13. Around the clock.....all day...everyday....excep holidays of course.