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  1. Would this even be remotely possible? I mean, I would love to play the entire Behemoth collection on my 3DS, always, anytime. Boy would that be nice. Thoughts?
  2. Pedrg93

    Castle Crashers Necromancer Figurine - Kickstarter

    What does the hoodie look like? Any ideas?
  3. Pedrg93

    Pink Knight!

    I want my pink knight!
  4. Pedrg93


    Could it be a translation issue? Perhaps they refer to the pink knight as the purple knight by mistake!
  5. Pedrg93

    Pink Knight!

    The wait is slowly draining the pinkness out of my heart
  6. Pedrg93

    Pink Knight!

    Waiting for the pink knight is like... waiting to find cash in your pocket. You don't really know when it will happen, but you know it will happen. And when it happens, you go "Hmmmmmmmmmmm :)" Feels good bro.
  7. Pedrg93

    The PS3 / Xbox 360 Difference Compendium

    Good thread! I want to see pics of the new weapons!!!! I crave...
  8. Castle Crashers is, well, a special case... why? 1. It was the second game created by the Behemoth. And a totally different one from their first! The company was just starting, it was a very small team, and they had ONE artist. ONE. Dan Paladin drew EVERYTHING, all right? BY HIMSELF. 2. It is the best rated game in the XBL Arcade! Four player coop, many characters, weapons, pets! A fun experience that is cheap, and family friendly. I've had many laughs with my friends, some who were shy of gaming and its complexity. 3. It's fun. So there are many guys with arrow magic? So what? So there are a couple pets that don't seem that useful. So what? There are enough options to please anyone. The Behemoth team created a solid game. Not a perfect game, but certainly, one made with all the effort they could put into it, considering their limitations. In the end, many things were cut, many ideas scrapped, many things simplified. It's not easy making a game, yet The Behemoth did it, and succeded. Does the game have a lot of potential? Heck yeah! I bet six more months could have made it even better! Still, what we get is good enough. If you still are not satisfied, wait for Battleblock Theater, or Alien Hominid. The gaming world is large.
  9. No. Again. We won't. 360 fans are not forgotten. We might get something in BBT if we have saved games of CC. Maybe characters or something. That is way more likely than having them tinker with the code of the game to add two or three Modes and characters.
  10. Nope. CC is finished. DLC already existed before, was simply unlocked. No extras.
  11. The world supposedly ends Dec 21, 2012.
  12. Pedrg93

    New paintings for PS3?

    I agree... this would be like complaining because trolls come in two colors, or something silly. Besides... they might not even be final.
  13. Pedrg93

    I hate you Behemoth!!11!!1!

    I thought you were a troll for a second! Welcome! I too love the merchandise. I still dream of the day I will be able to purchase the awesome hoodie with chicken feathers on the sleeves!
  14. Pedrg93

    Tee Contest: Thread Masters Thread- EXTENDED one more week!

    That is the most amazing troll shirt EVER!!!! Nice one Anna!
  15. Pedrg93

    Recon on Halo 3: Problem

    yeah Don't you need like... three other people over Xbox live to do it with you? It's not possible to get Endure offline.