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  1. Buff ladies get me HAWT!11!11 Nah, just kidding, but even though I really enjoyed Gears of war 1, they really killed Gears of War 2. I just hope they don't screw up GoW3 =/.
  2. Super Mario 64 Paper Mario Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Super Smash Brothers (When I unlocked Ness I was like OHSNAP because I thought Cpt. Falcon or w/e was the last unlockable character) Pokemon Stadium (YES)
  3. It's not meant to be anything important. It's just a waste of your time digging it up because it does not serve any purpose in the game. It was just put in there so that you would dig up the spot thinking it was something important.
  4. I love the game so much that I bought it for the xbox 360, and I plan on buying a new, better computer mainly because I want fallout 3 on the computer because I can mod it. (Also, a side note I'm planning on getting a Dell Inspiron 546 with an AMD Phenom X3 8750 (2.4GHz, 1066MHz, 3.5MB) processor, 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz- 4 DIMMs RAM, and a ATI Radeon HD 3450 256MB video card, will this computer be able to handle fallout 3 on medium-high specs? I'm terrible at figuring out what anything related to computers is.)
  5. I don't quite get what you mean. If your talking about like a create a castle crasher program add-on that's released over XBL I don't think it will work. BUT and idea like a castle crasher SKIN creator could work. The skills and everything would be the same but the character can look whichever way you wanted it too.
  6. LOL to Ikki Tousen reference (Oh man its so stupid, and the dialogue sounds like it was created by a 7 year old but I totally see why its one of the most popular downloaded tv shows LAWL).
  7. Panic Mallet, because it looks ominous.
  8. Fishing Rod is actually really useful if your grinding.
  9. You can program your xbox so that you can hear what they say through your TV. But I can't help you if you dont use your headset.
  10. I lol'ed when I saw that picture. Requesting lock.
  11. Panic Mallet FTW. (Except not anymore since the NG Mace dominates it)
  12. Oh man I would be PISSED if the ps3 owners get different characters. But then I'd realize how lazy I am and how much energy it takes to be pissed, and then I would just go out and buy a ps3. Problem solved
  13. The Green Knight is only as good as the player who uses him. Yes there is this whole bunch of crap with the mechanics and the facts and statistics that may factor in, but it depends on who's using him. Yea his juggle may be different, but maybe there is an advantage to that, that nobody's found yet....