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  1. While the Xbox version was $15 4 years ago you have to remember the first 2 DLC packs were $2 piece on Xbox we get those included for free. To add to that also remember the DLC is $2 on Xbox and only $0.99 on Steam.
  2. Why is Castle Crashers not availible for pre-purchase on Steam? Usually when a game comes out on Steam you can pre order it and it either gives you like 10% off or a bonus in game item or a TF2 itme or something. Regardless come 1PM Eastern time I will be playing Castle Crashers!
  3. This would be awesome I love the stuff you guys sell on the store but you need to get some more stuff up for sale soon!
  4. Little late to change now also I feel this post would fit better in here viewtopic.php?f=7&t=937 with the other DLC ideas.
  5. Question is there any plan to bring Vollyball to the Xbox 360 and Quaff to the PS3? I really feel like both versions are incomplete without these.
  6. Good but not as good as Steams sale going on now through this weekend get Borderlands GoTY edition with all DLC for $7.50. Or if you already own the Steam version each DLC pack is on sale for $2.50 a piece and Borderlands by itself is on sale for $5.
  7. Just started playing this recently bought it ages ago during a sale. Just now getting around to playing it incredible game I love everything about it!


    Just bought this game the other day I LOVE IT!
  9. You're bagging on Hal Labs and Project Sora's FIRST and so far ONLY online video game? I was not surprised that the online wasn't very good, as it was their first outing. As for DLC, there will be a lot of glitches so patches will be constant, also... there are the problems of hackers... so they would have to deal with that too. Doom was Id software's first online game and it worked well and that was back in the 90's. I don't give sympathy for first time online titles if your going to include it. It better work well.
  10. I'm getting sick of the Smash Bros. games. I mean Brawl was good but I didn't like it as much as melee. My biggest problem is I don't like playing Smash Bros. games by myself which is why when I heard Brawl had online I was excited. When I found out it didn't work I was really let down. I even upgraded my internet thinking it might help me out but it didn't. If this doesn't have Mega Man and a MUCH improved online component I think I will pass.
  11. Why does the video say Halo Wars and Halo 3 that song was made for Halo 2.
  12. If you like classic shooters such as Doom and Quake and of coarse the original Duke 3D. You will love this game. If you like new shooters such as halo and CoD you might not. I can't wait for June 14th!Edit: Well the games out now the reviews say it sucks I personally love it. Now granted your experience will differ GREATLY depending on which system you play it on. My experience has been 360 version runs like crap but has better graphics than the PS3 version. The PS3 version runs better than 360 version but has worse graphics. The PC version however is BY FAR the best experience especially now that they have released a new patch that completely overhauls the graphics ups the FPS and fixes many complaints people had. If I had to rate the games I'd say 360 and PS3 would be like a 6.5/10 and PC version is like an 8.5/10. Some people would disagree with this and say it sucks but those are the kind of people who only play games like CoD.
  13. I'm just gonna say that the beta is not a true reflection of the final product things will change. I'm sick of everyone playing the betas of these games and treating it like a demo. It's not a demo you are basically testing the game for Epic. The whole point in testing the game is to remove bugs/glitchs and fix things the players do not like. You are a prime example you didn't like it and Epic will respond to that hopefully by improving it for you. But you really shouldn't make your decision based off the beta. If you are weary about it being bad give it a rental then decide but don't use the beta as your reasoning for not purchasing the game please. I'm sorry if you think less of me for posting this but it's how i feel.