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  1. That would be sweet if they put The Black Knight in CC.
  2. I got Alien Hominid HD before I even heard of Castle Crashers. I got AH a year before CC came out to XBLA. But I only think I have like 15 to 20 Gamerscore in the game. Never beat the game gonna start trying again. Also when I got CC I started out with Hominid I thought everybody did at the time.
  3. I disagree I think Quaff is fun to play with your friends or buddies over Live, and its just funny in general. P.S What does Quaff mean?
  4. My favorite character is The Red Knight. I love his electricity magic.
  5. I hate the Thief everytime I start as a new character The Thiefs unload into me with arrows on the Thiefs Forest Entrance level. What Enemy Do You Hate? (Or Dislike)
  6. Hello Behemoth and Community I have just returned to the CC Forums and have read about The Pink Knight! I'm very excited for The Pink Knight (I have 360). But I was wondering why not just make one more DLC for CC? I don't know what it would be called but I do know what it could contain. The DLC could contain 2 New Characters or 3 for Xbox so you could put Pink Knight in the DLC for Xbox 1 Weapon and 1 Animal. The 2 other characters are The Blacksmith and The French Industrialist (I don't know why I think hes French maybe its the stache ) The 1 weapon could be the Blacksmith's Hammer. Finally the one animal could be a spider that shoots webs at enemies and slows them down or even freezes them in place. That is what the DLC pack could contain if you make one Behemoth. Sincerely Your Fan Matt
  7. This Game looks Hilarious and fun. I can't wait to get it! Naughty Bear Looks extremely entertaning and amusing. Heres a multiplayer trailer
  8. Hello Hows it going, haven't been on in while whats goin on?
  9. I haven't Been on CC Forum since August whats goin on?
  10. Know what just lock this Thread I see a bunch of people complaing about level 256's on these forums and I try to help know what screw this thread I bet you by tommorow theres gonna be a thread complaing about a level 256.
  11. Ocho cinco I'm not tryin to get in a argument i'm just saying 256's are annoying to about everybody I play with. Now let me ask you something if you were in arena with a level 256 1 vs 1 and he was Industrialist and just kept spamming Buzz saws at you wouldn't get mad? I know your reply is going to be "i'll just leave" what happens if you join a game again with a level 256 who does the same thing? then what