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  1. It should but noone uses the keep realy. Unless people start spamming this forum with things like these im fine with the occasional thread. How does no one use The Keep? Have you seen my The Gathering of CC thread? Clearly those 25+ people who gave their IDs didn't go to The Keep... Just sayin'.
  2. I'm pretty sure this should be in The Keep.
  3. I'd love for the Pink Knight and the Blacksmith to be characters, but besides that I'd love the Painter Boss, hes one of the coolest in my opinion. I could easily see his paintroll being a weapon.
  4. Eventually at some point I'm hoping for DLC, but I think The Behemoth should strongly focus on BBT and maybe just begin sketching ideas down for DLC. Basically this is how I see it. New and Better Game = More Money (I know they aren't green paper pigs) = A larger staff which COULD = More DLC and projects. That could be just me.
  5. Has anyone made a thread about problems/bugs/errors with the PS3 version of CC yet? Because I never get that cool backround music when I open a trasure chest after a boss fight and occassionally a long beep.
  6. KillerCroc7


    I believe it had something to do with his magic, but I'm not exactly sure. In my personal opinion, NONE of the characters suck, its the people playing them that can't handle the awesome of the character that suck...point is, any character can be awesome if played correctly.
  7. I have no idea if anyone still checks this thread, but if anyone can get me an avatar of the Cyclops (Before) that'd be great!
  8. Thanks Dexide, I logged back in today to finally update that list, time has escaped me. Other hobbies, family matters, friends, ect. Nonetheless, I bought Castle Crashers yesterday. I also made a new ID if any of you noticed that in the list. I'll continue to keep an eye out on this thread and update it so theres no more trouble. Right now I just have a level 19 Blue Knight. Shoot me a friend request with your forum name in it and maybe we can crash some castles. -KillerCroc7 I'm actually kind of astounded this thread actually survived this long, I want to give my thanks to all the moderators who kept this thread going! Keep up the good work! EDIT: I now have a level 26 Blue Knight and a level 8 Barbarian.
  9. This dude knows what hes talking about. I am a PS3 owner, I'm just glad we're getting the game...what they add is up to them, and they get to experiment and add new stuff to see how it turns out. Wouldn't you look to see TB's games keep getting better and better? Then stop complaining and start contributing.
  10. Wow a lot of you have posted since I last checked...I don't think I can update the first post forever. Just go through the pages and add each other! Cheers!
  11. Your logic is based off of a pattern of releases...The Behemoth has proven to do what they want to share their chicken love everywhere, and I think they've proven that they're kind of random and spuntaneous too. They sometimes say games reflect the personalities of the developers. Just like a painting and it's artist.
  12. I'm sorry I wasn't around here when AH was the only game around, so can't help you there. I have to repeatedly say that getting something early shouldn't mean that later on others get more than what those originally had when it comes to CC. That doesn't meaning whining and crying about it is gonna get you what you want either.
  13. Is there no way that we can get along? You guys have had the past two releases and now we have our you not thing Playstationairs weren't sad to hear that Alien Hominid was coming to the 360 and not to the PS3? We finally got our chance, why can't you just be happy and accept it darnit! Don't be selfish, share the love, or the hippies will beat you with flowers and pick-it signs.