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  1. Well, there go all my streaming plans, seeing as I'd based my cast off of getting my key at roughly midnight. It's 23:20 for me right now, "a few hours" and I'll be asleep. Meh.
  2. it's definitely today. It said Afternoon PST, so I'd say that PST people are looking at around 2/3pm. So it's at least another hour or 2 away.
  3. It's all publicity for them, free advertising isn't something to turn away. As far as a disclaimer goes, I'll just have a chat bot post it in chat every now and then. Look like we're all systems go!
  4. Same email I got, the confusion stems from the fact that pre-roll ads earn Twitch money, but not the broadcaster unless they're partnered. It looks like it'll be okay though.
  5. This is what I was thinking yeah. Do partners earn money off of pre-rolls or is it only ads that they run?
  6. Yes you actually can this time around. Only beta members have this info.Update: There is a catch to streaming it though so please read your email:) See, this still hasn't cleared much up. It says you're allowed to stream it and make videos as long as long as no money is earned from it, but with Twitch rolling pre-roll ads, they're earning money from every stream, even when they're not live. Just visiting someone's channel will trigger the rolling of an ad. I know I'd have to have a discalimer saying it's the Beta too, which is completely fine, I'm just worried about the fact that Twitch has pre-roll ads. Seeing as they are run when a channel is even offline, do you think it'd be okay?
  7. Hey, I'm a streamer on and I'm still slightly wary of whether I'll be able to stream the Beta, even after the most recent email. I'm not partnered so I cannot run ads to generate ad revenue, and I don't have a sub button either, so I am not earning any money by streaming. However, Twitch run pre-roll ads on all streams apart from people who have "old school" sub buttons, where subscribers never see ads. Does this mean that streaming via wont be possible, because of the pre roll ads? I'd love to share the game with my followers and other people on Twitch, but I definitely don't want to be breaking rules and risking DMCA suspension or anything like it. Thanks for any answer you can provide!