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  1. Q: Chuck Norris A: Why did i mess up the Q and A?
  2. Teenutin

    The Fail Game

    fails because it has running guys Castle Crashers
  3. i go out to the city and notice a runner coming and aim.
  4. A: if the cake IS a lie... it does. Q: Where...Is...SPARtAA!!??
  5. A: dont go to that rant. Q:Tofu vs. a Mug. who wins?
  6. i die of having such much money i cant handle. i drop a sign
  7. banned for banning a guy banning a guy.
  8. Teenutin

    co-op campaigns

    where do you live? i'd like to play Halo 3 for fun but time can be a baddie.
  9. YES! IT WAS YOU!...oops... i mean that it was me
  10. A:uhh... ummm... no, it cant be the behemoth chicken SO its the Behemoth Chicken!!! Q:Its a stone, Luigi!
  11. i put the seashell into my head and die. i drop a Behemoth