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  1. Sricule

    My Fanart *updated December 31st*

    Eh hemm? Fix ? And I'll be really happy to redo the purple knight sricule, I'm really sorry about the way he turned out. np woah i havent been on here in awhile
  2. hey i keep forgetting ur art, and how i love it
  3. Sricule

    To our Idol - Dan Paladin :D

    what the heck i didnt mean to do that
  4. Sricule

    What are you listening to ATM?

    Uprising by Muse, one of the greatest bands of all time
  5. i dont understand the "war" between the ps3 and xbox360, they both have their pros and cons, but maybe since i have both i dont understand. y cant we get along
  6. Sricule

    To our Idol - Dan Paladin :D

    havnt posted in awhile, but nice, also cool psub xero
  7. every time i tried to look at ur art, it says, "you do not have the proper permission to view this file" or something
  8. Sricule

    Best quotes ever

    "That's what she said" Michael Scott
  9. Sricule

    Best quotes ever

    lol i remember that, Alex. the Great
  10. Sricule

    Pick your teamate!

    lol i forgot, u can choose me cuz ive already played it, epic by the way, and i won a contest w/my friend
  11. Sricule

    Ask a Rabbit.

    nice avi, my driend has it on his computer
  12. what if there was a level where you knock the mask off the cat guards and u have to be kinda sneaky
  13. Sricule

    Pick your teamate!

    ah man, i dont know if people know me too much on the forums, I am not an idiot and I'm 14
  14. Sricule

    To our Idol - Dan Paladin :D

    Sricule - I don't have time to do another animation, maybe later. I'm pretty busy Okay then, nice avi