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  1. Eh hemm? Fix ? And I'll be really happy to redo the purple knight sricule, I'm really sorry about the way he turned out. np woah i havent been on here in awhile
  2. hey i keep forgetting ur art, and how i love it
  3. what the heck i didnt mean to do that
  4. Uprising by Muse, one of the greatest bands of all time
  5. i dont understand the "war" between the ps3 and xbox360, they both have their pros and cons, but maybe since i have both i dont understand. y cant we get along
  6. havnt posted in awhile, but nice, also cool psub xero
  7. every time i tried to look at ur art, it says, "you do not have the proper permission to view this file" or something
  8. "That's what she said" Michael Scott
  9. lol i remember that, Alex. the Great
  10. lol i forgot, u can choose me cuz ive already played it, epic by the way, and i won a contest w/my friend
  11. nice avi, my driend has it on his computer
  12. what if there was a level where you knock the mask off the cat guards and u have to be kinda sneaky
  13. ah man, i dont know if people know me too much on the forums, I am not an idiot and I'm 14
  14. Sricule - I don't have time to do another animation, maybe later. I'm pretty busy Okay then, nice avi
  15. hey dude ur drawings are so epic I was wanderin if u could make me a avatar like urs exept that its red and heis hood is on fire, (but he is not shocked that his hood is on fire), he si also a skeleton like urs though i hope its not to much
  16. ... others.png srry
  17. Lol p4 back to the questions whats pumkin plus 2 times fish divided by lol
  18. Sricule

    Tyndras' Fan Art

    Sricule uses armmegedon, now i win,
  19. and resizing me crystal knight so i can hav a avatar but if tynras wants to do it he can, pleez
  20. Tyndras dont show them the pictures, the cops will be all over u
  21. maybe more than 12 acheivements. if trials hd can do it, game 3 can do it