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  1. Spell correctly please. Kthanksbye.
  2. It looks good, glad to see someone having the same great ideas!
  3. *bump* Added some new stuff, but no new comments
  4. Well chickens could ask for a longer flight span. (about half a second in the air )
  5. Fails because it is a dairy product Walmart
  6. You have an understanding of how to write English on the internet
  7. Agree. Whenever there is buzz on the forums I usually fire up my 360 and play some Castle Crashers.
  8. Me and my friends love playing Castle Crashers, but we always play with 3 people. We have another really good friend who loved the game when he played it, and abused the trial . If you could give us a code so he could download the game, that would be amazing since he can't buy Microsoft point. Behemoth is the best!
  9. I attempt to hurt DNAblaster, but run into his "I can't upload images" force field. Critical hit!
  10. "Imma flying off to beat some baddies!"
  11. you were summoned hear by the Gods of Gaming *looks up*
  12. Sure atm why not Btw I'm still winning!
  13. Red was good too. DROP Let's talk about pudding I love chocolate pudding!
  14. Someone doesn't browse the forums too much. Castle Crashers is going to be released on the PSN.
  15. Lorry hova fall flop Bust hating more for steeple poo sum nan man cry glad new fin pie piggy? Rhyme sunna cake may piggy glove lie mavorite steeple bon peh fgorums Owned