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  1. I hope I get to join the beta and play one of my most wanted games of the year!
  2. "I clamped my mouth to keep from screaming." Welp I am a squealer...
  3. Congrats to you I will be here crying and damning math for making the letter X the symbol of Mutiply
  4. I HAD IT BUT ADDED THE X!!!! I am so sad right now!!!!
  5. Oh so many possblitys passed the Castle Crashers helmet, like a cyclops hat for demo a sword for demo and such
  6. Yes! More contests all the time on Pacific Standard Time. I'll be sending more love soon?? Who knows... I am in Europe and I never win anything. I hope I won't stay up for nothing once again, that'd be disappointing Heck I even cut the drinkin' and the smokin' to keep my mind clear on release day, I hope that was worth it. One of these days/nights I'll get up in the middle of the night for y'all. It'll be random though! What about us people who wernt yet home from school? Please think of the Children!
  7. Yes! More contests all the time on Pacific Standard Time. I'll be sending more love soon?? Who knows... Now?
  8. I gotta admit that this made me giggle. Congrats! You'll be receiving a chonku chonku! Well congrats Mad! (I guess this is another contest lost for me )
  9. Hope your new chonku chonku will help with your work battles! Check your inbox for a PM! I'll be askin where you live. Muhahaha YAY!! Work will be a glorious battle now! Congrats! I hope I get one. I never win contests
  10. I will put them next to my shrine where I keep all my behemoth stuff! (Along with my prized lock of Dan's Hair)
  11. My god it was been years since I was last here (which was a few seconds ago for me) what has changed since I left? Castle Crashers ON PC!??!? ...and Game 3 is still not out but it did get a name!
  12. I ain't payin' for nutin'! *spits* (beats you with a frieing pan!) anyway i have a great tip to get the over the bridge in 3 mins also eilis is my man i also enjoy bill in l4d1
  13. Post Everything You Think About The Earthbound/Mother Series!!!