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  1. 2 i believe... what animal orb is thrown up in the air at the end of the game right after you kiss the last princess?
  2. omg i really want to know about game 3 now so bad that game 3 monster seem cool like a moose,bear,racoon thing can't wait
  3. the game is so interesting and me and my friends get so hyped when we get the questions right or wrong but i just wish there was more questions about common things that most people know not like what the scientific word for a unibrow or how many invertibrates are know now maybe some questions about the xbox games that most people that are playing 1 vs 100 play. but also the special trivia based off certain topics would be nice if they werent on so late at night on a school night
  4. its a bow and a thief......i think better then me tho
  5. yes im slowly going insane thank you so much for reminding me of my disease dumb-as-a-rock-itis nah im was just tired been staying up surfing the web for cool new things to do
  6. im getting it from gamefly soon i just got the message it was shipped 2day it looks so cool and i here its good with pretty much everything
  7. well hmm if you use a heartbeat sensor with assult weapons u might be called a fruity wonderpuff but it does help alot sense you know where people are coming from
  8. because i was bored when i was making it.....I ate chicken nuggets at school today extreme not much today kinda slow but those chicken nuggets were good
  9. so these are the rules for this game 1.can't say something boring like. ex:gosh dude im going to go sleep ex2:man im so bored 2.can't be mean ex:yo man your stupid as **** ex2: dude thats the stupidest idea ever 3.be exciting say stuff that sounds fun extreme cool and most of all radical so heres what you do: you say something cool of what your doing right now or something you did today, a thing that sounds just crazy cool, or a person that you think is just crazy insane in the membrain and then the next person tries to say something so far out extremely insane in the membrain trying to beat what you said so lets begin with something not to intense i got a slam dunk at school today i made the hoop shake a little
  10. one of the funniest things i like to do is put a claymore next to a tactical insertion and when they spawn...well you know the rest Kaboom
  11. agreed but hey what can ya do i just hated the birthday one so much because i feel many people were lying about the reason they should win some were truthful tho i bet
  12. oh nice i tried for that one but got bored but before i quit i got 99 fletching not much of a achievement but still i atleast got something to 99
  13. the poem sounded really cool but sense the moderator who did this contest was banned before the contest was finished or more because he didnt even really try for this contest there probaly wont be any prize for this one it ended before it could begin
  14. wow so the contest never like finished or something thats so stupid i will never do poetry to show my love again