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  1. I laughed quite a few times, and your style seems to be reminiscent of Brawl Taunts, keep up the good work.
  2. Uncle0wnage

    Arts&Crafts: Fiberglass + Plaster + Styrofoam

    wear a respirator when working with fiberglass
  3. Uncle0wnage


    INT: +2 STR: +2 AGL: +1 LDR: +2 STM: +1 ACU: +1 DEF: +1 ASL: +0
  4. Uncle0wnage

    From the Sketchpad

    Hey, U0 here, and I'll be posting sketches here of what I draw during school, no requests, sorry...
  5. Uncle0wnage

    GTA san andreas:language

    well, if it isn't supposed to be realistic, then the people should be bannanas, and the cars should be power rangers, and the should say things like, "hodidoda lollipoparama" And be set in the land of fruitopia I understand why they made it the way they did, but their idea of funny is only acknowledged by a small age group, aka kids who just learned about swearing.
  6. Uncle0wnage

    Halo 3: ODST

    Halo wars = crappier version of Starcraft
  7. Uncle0wnage

    GTA san andreas:language

    The language should be more realistic, i mean, how many Italian immigrants come to America and instantly swear at everything.... not very many
  8. Uncle0wnage

    A Cookie's Art From The Abyss

    my style is reminisce of dan's, so i'll take it as a compliment! I'll admit, that's pretty good for paint.net. keep workin! I LOLED at pikaevilwizardchu!
  9. Uncle0wnage

    A Story to Remember

    Monday October 12, 2009 Uncle0wnage explains that he has been here all along, watching waiting calculating, to see what would happen if he became a ninja.
  10. Uncle0wnage

    An AVATAR for me!!

    I C WUT U DEED THAR!!!!!
  11. Uncle0wnage

    Party Hats!

    i havent got mine yet!!!
  12. Uncle0wnage

    Halo 3: ODST

    be careful, there's like a 50% chance it gives you the red rings right when you start playing, wait till they release the patches!!!!!
  13. Uncle0wnage

    Not anymore you're not!

    you didnt use the boost to get through, I'm in charge and I then bomb the earth!!! HAHAHHAAHHA
  14. The ground shake and quakes, and out of the pits of hell comes a evil face, he smiles and then says, "IMAFIRINMYLAZOR!!!!! BLARRRRRRGHGHGHGH!!!! He fires an unstoppable lazor that hits mr. smiggly, sending him to an alternate reality, and he will return in 3 pages. Felknight yells out, "OH NOES, DEH BE STEALIN MEH SMIGGLY!!!" I lock my self in an unpenetrable capsule with spider legs and go into hibernation.
  15. Uncle0wnage

    Random Post Forum - Bloob's Children Are Lost

    Beef Beef Beef Beef Bef*BOOM HEADSHOT* Blows off smoke from barrel! That's the end of that chapter.